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Project Contract | Zenith Benefits

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I have attached a document provided by a third party supplier to our employee benefit business. What we provide is an employee benefit information site where employees can log in and access information about their benefits, all of which is tailored to them through assigned roles and a document storage system provided by the file depot module.

What we’d like is for the employee to click a link on the drupal site which will automatically create an account (or log them in if they’ve clicked previously) on the third party site.

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OpenID is removed from core for Drupal 8; OAuth appears to be successor

As you can see from the "External Identities Initiative" issues tag, OpenID has apparently been removed from the core for Drupal 8 while OAuth is being added. However, the exact status is not clear to me because of the spaghetti-web of related issues, comments, modules, etc. at

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13 domains 1 codebase shared login

This question is a bit similar to what has been asked here before but my use case is a bit different.

I have 13 Drupal 7 sites that share the source code. 12 of them run the same modules / settings but look slightly different. At the moment I use 13 databases.

I have about 50 users on each site and each user has some nodes.
Every site has its own taxonomy terms but the vocabularies are mostly named similar.

My goal is to let users from site A login into site B without filling in their profile again.
I have some custom modules running that alter the user profile fields.

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Single/Simple Log On für über 50 Websites

Hallo liebe Drupal Group,

Ich bin einer der Admins vom deutschen Gamingnetzwerk Globalgameport. Wir haben über 50 Fansites zu Spielen und mehr.
Alle Seiten werden unter ihrem eigenen Top Level Domain gehostet.
Derzeit wollen wir gerne nach Drupal umziehen. Dafür wünschen wir uns einen Single Sign On.
Da wegen der Anti XSS Funktionen in den Modernen Browsern leier keine Cookies für fremde Domains gesetzt werden können, stellt sich die Frage wie man ein Sigle oder auch Simple Log on realisieren kann.

Derzeit teste ich eineige Versuche mit den Modulen, openid_provider und openid_sso

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Summary: Omniauth - OpenID Single Sign-On for Drupal


I'm just trying to get all information, spread out in different nodes and comments, together into one single post:

We implemented a OpenID single sign on solution for some of our clients (we call it Omniauth). It's based on Development Seeds great work on an OpenID Single Sign on solution for Drupal. Besides general improvement, instead of using feeds, foaf and PubSubHubbub to synchronize user information we used OpenID's own update_url ( and store_request ( to share user information between sites.

Omniauth includes the modules that are necessary, exported configuration into Features and installation profiles for both provider and relying parties.

I made a screencast to allow you to understand easier how to set up Omniauth and it's provided functionality at this moment:

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OmniAuth OpenID Single Signon - OpenID - Single Signon Lives (Sorta)

the single-signon options for mere-Drupal-mortals seem to be pretty thin, which is rather suprizing considering the flagship Drupal Gardens uses OpenID

I am looking at setting-up a network of sites within Aegir hosting and I've been spending a lot of time spinning my wheels with Bakery and OpenID type "solutions" - I've been annoying people and arguing and basically struggling through up the learning curve

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Contractor - SAML Integration | Vivid Oranje Consulting, LLC

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Looking for an experienced Drupal developer knowledgable in the areas of module development, single sign on and SAML 2.0 for a short term contract. Please dm me or contact Kevin at 317.863.2874 for more details.

Please contractors only, no firms.

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Giải pháp SSO trên nhiều ứng dụng khác nhau

Xin chào các Pro, cho em hỏi cả nhà là có giải pháp nào để đăng nhập 1 lần mà cho 3 site khác nhau (drupal, vBulletin, được không a?
Bình thường nếu là Drupal không thì e sử dụng module SSO, nhưng nếu là trường hợp trên thì các Pro cho em ý kiến được không a?

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Making Drupal 7 use a different table for users

We will use the member table from IPB in order to authenticate users in Drupal.

When an IPB user tries to login for the first time in Drupal, his account will be created. This is based on a nice tutorial written by Atchijov on (thanks Atchijov!).

First you will need to tell Drupal about our third party table by configuring the database details in settings.php:

* 'default' is your main drupal database
* 'ipb' is your IPB database

$databases = array (
'default' =>
array (
'default' =>
array (

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Logging in with Shibboleth doesn't fire the "User Login" Event?

In my installation the users login with Shibboleth [1], but the rule [2] I've set up to be executed on "User has logged in" event, isn't executed.

On the other hand, when I login as administrator through the normal Drupal way, the rule is executed.

Does this mean that the external login event isn't handled at all?

Is there a way to overcome this?


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