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drupal 7: changing the site default language when the site is buildt


i know that i shouldn't change the site default language once the site is build because it gives problems, but my client changed his mind and now wants to change it.

please, can you give to me tips to be able to do it?
thanks a lot

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How to set front page so new users lands on a specific language (change default language not working)?

How do I change the default front page to land on a specific language? Do I need to change the default site language or can I just change the default front page?

I've built a multilingual site in English, French, German and Spanish. I have set English as the default language and built the site in this. However, my client has now told me that new users must land on the Spanish home page first.

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Quelle sera votre/vos langue(s) préférée(s) pour ce groupe? / What will be your prefered language(s) for this group ?

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Peu importe / Whatever / Bilingue
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Default language for new content

Currently when new content is entered the language setting defaults to "Language Neutral".
Only local images are allowed.

This tends to cause problems in our translation assistant module when it comes to sending content for translation. Translations wont happen if the content is "Language Neutral" and this causes confusion for users.

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