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Session Four - Questions for Candidates

And this concludes our Meet the Candidates sessions for election2013.

Unfortunately, no scribe this time, so no IRC log worth posting.


New Questions:
(20:44:59) valthebald: What threats to the Drupal community do you see, which are not handled by DA? How CAN they be handled?

(20:46:01) aimeem: What is the best/ way that the association can find out about the top 4 benefits that members see the associations as needing to provide to make the association more relevant for members

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Session Three - Questions for Candidates

Participants in the 3rd session were
* Simon Hobbs (simesy)
* Pedro Cambra (pcambra)
* Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire (HornCologne)

IRC log attached.

Mp3 recording:

Only three new questions this time around.

(20:22:01) simesy_: I'm interested in what the other candidates think about Narayan as a candidate who will fill the gap of having infrastructure representation on the board.

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Session Two - Questions for Candidates

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Meet the Candidates Session.

This time we had the following candidates on the call.
* Narayan Newton
* Chris Ward
* Mortendk
* Bert Boerland
* Jeremy Thorson

To view all nominees, link to their profiles, pitches, and free range Q&A please see

DA Staff Member Stephanie El Hajj graciously agreed to be our scribe. The full IRC log is attached as a text file.

A full recording is available to download here:

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2013 Election - Questions for candidates from session one

The first "Meet The Candidates" (MTC) session finished two hours ago.

Taking part were:
* Joe Bachana
* Steven de Costa
* David Stoline
* Matthew Saunders

Here are the questions that were asked and answered.

There is a partial recording of the session available as a zip file here:

For a full list of candidates, and details on the remaining 3 MTC sessions please see

All candidates: Please respond to these questions in a comment.

Opening remarks:

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