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Drupal Association At-Large Board Elections Open

Voting is now open for the 2013 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association!  If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles and review the Meet the Candidate sessions (first and second) that we held. Get to know your candidates, and then get ready vote.

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Meet the Candidates Update: Session One Transcript

We had our first Meet the Candidates session yesterday and spoke with four of our thirteen candidates. Normally, I would link to the audio recording of that call, but due to user error <hangs head in shame> the audio is gone. However, thanks to the amazing kattekrab, we do have a pretty remarkable transcript from the session. Following is an introduction to the four candidates and our question and answer session with them.

Remember! We have one more Meet the Candidate Session:

Session Two

Thursday, September 12 2013 at 16:00 UTC

  • 9 AM PST Thursday, September 12 in the US and Canada
  • 12 noon EST Thursday, September 12 in the US and Canada
  • 1 PM Thursday, September 12 in Sao Paulo Brasil
  • 5 PM Thursday, September 12 in London
  • 00:00 Friday, September 13 in Beijing
  • 2 AM Friday, September 13 in Sydney Australia

Register for Session 2

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Drupal Association Board Candidates - including our very own Matthew Tift!

Drupal is a community project and has board members that are elected by the community. 13 candidates have put themselves forward for consideration of 2 slots, and it looks like our very own Matthew Tift has stepped forward.

The candidates are listed at https://association.drupal.org/election/3/candidates and there are times to meet all the candidates posted at https://association.drupal.org/node/18443. I was looking through them when I spotted our very own Matthew Tift as one of the candidates: https://association.drupal.org/election-candidate/68.

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Consider nominating yourself for a seat on the board of the Drupal Association.

The Drupal Association has opened nominations for 2 community elected positions on the board of directors

The announcement is here:

The nomination form is here:

But hurry!
Nominations close in a little over 24 hours at Midnight UTC Friday 6 September 2013
That's 10am Sat in Sydney, AU and 8pm Friday in Boston, MA.

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Community Election Results. Announced and ratified! But now what?

I just hit save on a blogpost on ado to officially announce the result of the recently concluded community election.

Congratulations to @mortendk and @pcambra - I'm very much looking forward to working with you both over the coming months.

The announcement post:

But I'd also like to open a new discussion with the community, and recruit some volunteers to sit on the election committee.

We should review our electoral process and our tools.

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Voting Closing - at 11:59 Oct 7 GMT

Voting closes in a little over 9 hours from now.

Please hurry and get your vote in, even more importantly, as someone subscribed to the Drupal Association group, please help us get the word out and tell people to vote! Less than 1% of eligible voters have done so...

A cheat sheet on the candidates and how to vote is here:

Vote here now:
(Login required)

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Vote Drupal 2013

Voting is now open in the community elections for new Directors "At Large".

View the announcement here:

Update: Voting closes at 11:59pm GMT 7 October 2012
Countdown: http://time.is/countdown/11:59pm_7_october_2012_GMT

See all the candidates here:


How to vote?

  1. Login to association.drupal.org
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Session Three - Questions for Candidates

Participants in the 3rd session were
* Simon Hobbs (simesy)
* Pedro Cambra (pcambra)
* Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire (HornCologne)

IRC log attached.

Mp3 recording: http://rs2342.freeconferencecall.com:80/fcci/cgi-bin/play.mp3/15302363-1...

Only three new questions this time around.

(20:22:01) simesy_: I'm interested in what the other candidates think about Narayan as a candidate who will fill the gap of having infrastructure representation on the board.

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Session Two - Questions for Candidates

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Meet the Candidates Session.

This time we had the following candidates on the call.
* Narayan Newton
* Chris Ward
* Mortendk
* Bert Boerland
* Jeremy Thorson

To view all nominees, link to their profiles, pitches, and free range Q&A please see https://association.drupal.org/nominations

DA Staff Member Stephanie El Hajj graciously agreed to be our scribe. The full IRC log is attached as a text file.

A full recording is available to download here:

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2013 Election - Questions for candidates from session one

The first "Meet The Candidates" (MTC) session finished two hours ago.

Taking part were:
* Joe Bachana
* Steven de Costa
* David Stoline
* Matthew Saunders

Here are the questions that were asked and answered.

There is a partial recording of the session available as a zip file here:

For a full list of candidates, and details on the remaining 3 MTC sessions please see https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update

All candidates: Please respond to these questions in a comment.

Opening remarks:

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