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Hi Drupallers,

I thought this worth sharing here, given the number of BDUG members who have expressed an interest in tools like drush and git, but need to increase their comfort level with working on the command line to manage a Drupal site. has a whole series of Command Line Basics videos that are FREE. Check it out:

~ Jennifer

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Mentor, Contractor | Flock Studios

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Hi, looking for a drupal mentor to help me approach drupal website building efficiently and cleanly.

I have been using drupal for around 2 years on and off with a couple of projects, I love it. The more I use it the more I want to learn.

I am originally a graphic designer turned brand creator, for now that includes website building.

I have 2 projects, possibly a third one all to be developed in Drupal over the coming 2 months.

I want to learn how to:
- Install, Backup and Restore Drupal from the command line
- Best practices that you may have acquired over the years

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Bash Aliases

I can't imagine administering drupal without drush. I've set up some aliases in my bash profile. I've become so dependent on these, that I synchronize my file through bitbucket. For example, the function drupre will put the site in offline mode, run cron, clear cache, and then put the site back in online mode. The other is drubackup which will save the file structure and database dump to a date based file structure.

Does anyone have any other alias commands to speed up work flow?

drupal and drush

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Color Coded Command Line

Last night while I was demoing, someone mentioned the colors I had on the command line and how it also denoted which GIT branch I was in. You can thanks James Sansbury (q0rban) for the code.

My instructions are biased towards MAC users. Sorry.

You need Git already installed for this to work.

In your terminal... //denotes my comments

//Find where your bash file is
ls ~/.bash_profile

//This returns "/Users/miche/.bash_profile" for me
//change directory (cd) to that path
cd /Users/miche

//Make sure you are there by "print working directory"

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PHP Web Developer | UBM Canon

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Full time

Web Developer for Leading Media Organization!

If you are a web developer with a passion for creating compelling websites seeking to work with a dynamic team, then UBM Canon is the place for you! We are seeking candidates who are team-oriented, thrive in a collaborative environment and can tackle big challenges. In this role, you will be an integral part of the development of various websites for customers in a variety of exciting industries. You will work cross-functionally with these groups to seamlessly drive workflow with the full development team.

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Backend Basics: Setting up Drupal on your server, backing up, and managing files

So you've played around with some Drupal and are ready to put a site online. How should you host it? What do you need to know to get it set up? How will you keep it up to date and safely backed up?

This session will cover the basics of local development environments, domain names, hosting, the command line, MYSQL dumps and uploads, cron, Drush, backing up, and revision control. After this session you should have an idea of what it takes to get your site live...and keep it from being dead!

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Non-GUI execution

We are trying to integrate Patterns execution in our change management system based on Liquibase. It seems like the Patterns module only supports execution in GUI mode. Is there any way to execute them from command line or any API we can use to create a Drush extension?

Does the Configuration Framework try to cover these use cases? If so, what's its current development status and where should we start looking for more information?

Thanks a lot!


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Austin Drupal Meetup Oct. 28

This was posted in Facebook by the Austin Drupal Meetup group:

Drupal Meetup with Michael Godeck
Austin Drupal Meetup
Meetings - Club/Group Meeting
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
7:00pm - 10:00pm
CMA Building Room 3.112, Guadalupe & Dean Keeton, Austin, TX
Drupal Database Management, Drush, & Command Line Scripting with Michael Godeck!

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Drupalcon DC - Deploying and Maintaining Drupal Sites Using the Aegir Hosting System

I will be attending Drupalcon in Washington DC in March 2009, and will be doing a presentation on Aegir, on 5 march at 4:15 PM.

The presentation will cover some of the Aegir design basics, and also go into some of the cool new developments we have in store for our 0.2 release.

If you are at all interested in seeing what Aegir is capable of, or want to gain an insight into where we are going, please attend.

Read the complete presentation summary.

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