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Acquia Webinar Thursday - 10 Things Site Developers Need to Know Leaping to Drupal 8

My co-worker Rod is a knowledgable trainer with a great sense of humor. Hope you enjoy this webinar he's doing with Acquia.

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Forcontu is offering 10 x Drupal Training Scholarships

Forcontu is offering 10 x Training Scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course (valued at USD1350). If you want to apply, complete the form before April 15, 2015. On April 16 we will announce the 10 winners of a scholarship to join the course completely free. The course will be conducted from May 4 to December 4 (7 months).

More information and registration at:

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Help re image-gallery with index using pulldowns

D7 - Any suggestions re how I could build a page that is an image gallery - most likely 30-60images probably displayed 4 wide. Would like to have kind of index on top - each image has several people in it and would like to make it easy for people to maybe go to names using several person's-name-pull-downs-selectors, these in clumps to keep the pulldowns from being too long (e.g.: A-E, F-H, I-M, N-Q, Q-Z (names are unique to each image, no dups)).

Tried playing with Lightbox 2 (Beta) - Broke the site, and would prefer not to use a lightbox for performance reasons.

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Views: How show filterN2 only when user select something in filterN1?

Hello, All!
After creating new type of content (named "Airplane") with new fields (named "EngineType", "Speed") - I added to website 5-6 pages of recently created contenttype-Airplane (of course with filling my-own created fields).
Then I created new View (named "customAirPlanes") and add to this View - two exposed filter:
Content: EngineType (exposed filter)
Content: Speed (exposed filter)

Both of this exposed filters exist at the same time on customAirPlanes-View-result page.
But how show filterSpeed only when user select something in filterEngine?

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what to do about iCal in D7?

I'm a big user of iCal feed parsing in D6 using FeedAPI to consume Google Calendars for display in Calendar views. The idea being that the canonical source of calendaring data is sourced outside of Drupal in whatever Calendaring app the user naturally uses. In D7, there is no real progress on an iCal Feed Parser for Feeds, the successor to FeedAPI. I'm a little surprised that such a functional need hasn't been addressed yet over six months after D7's release. I wonder: is there an obvious workaround or alternate venue for this functionality in D7 that I'm not aware of?

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Dynamic switch of swf in Flashnode


I wonder if someone has any advice in this.
I have a collection of images which is to be divided into different categories. And I want these categories to be presented through a SWF (actually an interactive AS3-project) inside a flashnode. Works fine today with the only swf I have so far, "Latest 20 illustrations", but now I want to extend this functionality so that when a user clicks any of the categories, a new SWF should be loaded.

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What's new in video module 6.x-4.2-ALPHA2

On Dec 4th I released an enhanced video module build with many new features. Specially now its supporting HTML5 videos on Drupal sites. Not only they we added number of new enhancements to the module to improve the user experience and many other aspects.

Here are the list of new features and would like to get more user inputs to improve the usability of the module.

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I don't know if I can ask for help here, but I'm desperate I've been looking around (documentation, support) but not luck so far

I have a website (php/mysql) that I converted to Drupal v.6.19, everything work besides those three issues:

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A Match Made in the Cloud – How to Best Take Advantage of Cloud Technologies with Drupal Sites

The secret is out – Drupal has become the ‘go-to’ open source software for the publication and management of website content. By pairing Drupal with cloud technologies there is a whole new world of user benefits well beyond scale and performance.

In this session, Bret Piatt, director, technical alliances at Rackspace Hosting will discuss how to best take advantage of cloud technologies with Drupal sites. The panel presentation will address:

• Leveraging the cloud ecosystem for managing configuration, code, and backups
• How to scale Drupal clusters by integrating with cloud APIs

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Beginning Drupal 7

Duration: 1 hour or less

Brief description:
Drupal 7 is right around the corner and you need to be prepared. In this session we'll take a look at the new features of Drupal 7 and how that are going to make your life easier. We will walk through the new installation process and explore Drupal 7 from a newcomer's perspective but also compare and contrast it with Drupal 6 and the former contributed module that made it into core.




  • Installing Drupal 7
  • Exploring Fields
  • New module installer
  • Dashboard and overlay
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