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Case study: BRIXS Group - An SEO Perspective

Hey folks,

I'm new to this group and wanted to say hi by sharing our case study with you:

Any input is welcome. Let me know what you think.

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Freelancer Server Optimizer & Drupal Expert | WellWed

Employment type: 

Current live website needs help with server optimization and possible review of code for a Drupal 5 system with high traffic. Looking for a freelancer with experience tweaking Plesk setups (MT hosted dedicated virtual server) and ability to analyze page loading issues.

Here's a run down of the site & modules installed:
- Drupal 5
- Heavy use of domain - site manages 5 different domains with 2 custom themes and serves dynamic content depending on the entry domain, also runs ecommerce store on one domain with SSL
- activity, ad, adminrole, ajax_views, bio, buddylist, cck, cck_address, custom_breadcrumbs, date, devel, domain, drupal_title, event, file_import, flag, google_analytics, imageapi, imagecache, imagefield, imce, job_queue, jquery_update, jump, lightbox2, me, mimemail, nice_menus, nodeaccess, nodeasblock, nodefamily, nodehierarchy, nodeprofile, nodewords, page_title, panels, pathauto, print, privatemsg, search_restrict, securepages, send, share, signup, simplenews, singlesignon, tabbed_block, tapir, taxonomy_breadcrumb, taxonomy_image, taxonomy_menu, teaserbytype, tinymce, token, ubercart, ubrowser, usernnode, views, views_bonus, votingapi, webform

I'm the current web developer and I'm looking for assistance in tweaking this site to improve overall performance. Please respond if you are interested and give me a sense of your abilities and any example sites you can provide as case studies.
In addition - the client is looking for someone who has SEO experience, so that is an added plus, but not required.

Nicole Sciacca

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