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Extending IKScE Demo Module with RDFa

Dear All,

I was checking out the IKS Content Enhancement Demo for Drupal 7 [1]. This involves annotate.js [2] in conjunction with Wolfgang Ziegler's combination of Drupal, Apache Stanbol, and VIE.js [3].
I like what the code makes possible, but I would like the change the substitution that jQuery gives for each annotation.
Right now I see markup that does not serialize to RDF inside the "content:enconded" tags. I believe changing line 895
for newElement in [2] would allow me to add some RDFa content.

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Case study: BRIXS Group - An SEO Perspective

Hey folks,

I'm new to this group and wanted to say hi by sharing our case study with you:

Any input is welcome. Let me know what you think.

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Protests such as those in the Arabic world, Democracy Real Ya! and the Occupy Wall Street movement emerge because the citizens are not sufficiently included in the political process. Wiki9999 would like to reduce the split between politics and the citizenry. The goal of Wiki9999.org is to create the technical foundation for "We are the 99.99%".

Why do we need Wiki9999? => http://wiki9999.org/en/why
How do we implement Wiki9999 technically? => http://wiki9999.org/en/for_developer

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Web Developer | Australian War Memorial

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

The Australian War Memorial is seeking a Web Developer to develop and maintain the Memorial’s web systems including Drupal 7 and Solr. You will require PHP and JavaScript/Jquery development skills and a commitment to web standards, accessibility and usability to undertake this role. You will have an interest in semantic web, linked data, online commerce and building high performance websites and be encouraged to participate in the Drupal development community.

APS Level 6, $70,642 - $79,038

Closes: Thursday 15 March 2012

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Help with a Resource Directory Project


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The future of structured data in HTML: RDFa, Microdata and microformats

The recent launch of schema.org has caused a lot of heated debates within the Web community about structured data syntaxes.

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Drupal, The Semantic Web and Genealogy

Hello all,
I would like to develop a genealogy application in Drupal. I wanted to see what has already been done specifically as it relates to using the Semantic Web. I know there are some genealogy modules but I'm interested in this from a Semantic Web perspective. I know that Drupal 7 supports RDFa out of the box, as it were. However, for Genealogy there are two specific vocabularies (at least) that one would want to use for Genealogy, that being BIO for biographic information and it has a focus around events in one's life. It is defined here:

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Online journal: MARC or Qualified DC


Simply to position myself a bit: I am aware of the various standards in the archival world (MARC, ISAD, ISAAR...), but for this project I need to describe records of a journal. The fields are the usual:
- Author
-- Name
-- Email
-- Telephone

  • Article
    -- Title
    -- Author
    -- Bodytext
    -- Issue ref
    -- Pages

-- Title
-- Publisher
-- Year
-- Number

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Validation: HTML5, RDFa & WAI-ARIA

I want to validate a site built with Drupal 7 (with RDFa enabled), using a Genesis's HTML5 sub-theme & with lots of WAI-ARIA added for accessibility.

Looks like with - http://validator.nu - we can do HTML5 & ARIA.

But really not sure how to also evaluate for the RDFa as well.

The W3C doesn't seem to like it either although it can to XHTML & RDFA apparently - http://validator.w3.org

Some guidance on validation would be appreciated. I have heard that someones is maintaining a custom schema for HTML5 & RDFA, but not sure how to use it.

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Big News - Google officially announces support for Good Relations RDFa markup

This news came a few days ago... Google is officially supporting the Good Relations (e-commerce) ontology as a source for Rich Snippets.

This means that once we have a good mapping for it in Drupal Commerce, sites that use Drupal for commerce will be at a distinct advantage. Yahoo research showed that click through rates for rich snippety search results were 15% higher, and other research has shown up to 30% higher.

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