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Case Study for Printer's Devil Review

I've just posted a case study to about a site redesign I did for my literary magazine, Printer's Devil Review. I invite folks to check it out and welcome any comments:

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Drupal at Itaipu: Latin America Case Study

This is a case study I presented at Latinoware 2012, one of the top FOSS events in Latin America. This event happens every October at Itaipu's Technology Park, situated inside the Itaipu Dam.

The Itaipu Dam is the world's largest generator of renewable clean energy and is considered to be one of the seven modern Wonders of the World.


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Case study: BRIXS Group - An SEO Perspective

Hey folks,

I'm new to this group and wanted to say hi by sharing our case study with you:

Any input is welcome. Let me know what you think.

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Case Study: My First View Configuration

In my first view that I was able to successfully configure with the help of Scott (aka spovlot) at the Drupal support forums I learned that there is usually more than one way to configure a view and it may be helpful when starting out to consider the different ways you can approach a project so you can experiment with different combinations of the possible solutions and avoid getting stuck right out of the gate.

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June Meetup Notes

It's taken me a while to clear my to-do list, but I took some detailed notes at the June Meetup and I'd like to post them here.

Also, would anyone be up for a Community Helpdesk day at CoLab this Friday during lunch?

The June Meetup was a question-and-answer, show-and-tell style gathering. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Q: I've been seeing problems with Blueprint and the Views administrative UI, AJAX?

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Anoten tus charlas, presentaciones, muestras para Drupalcamp Buenos Aires 2009

Vamos a para anotar nuestras charlas, presentaciones, muestras, etcétera para Drupalcamp 2009!

Ahora es cuando!

Yo voy a presentar sobre la herramienta Project Flow & Tracker ( ), voy a tener copias firmadas de mi libro Leveraging Drupal ( ) y voy a mostrar cómo fue hecho la herramienta electoral del Partido Obrero ( ) en Drupal en solo tres semanas.

Nos vemos en Drupalcamp 2009!

Victor Kane

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New York State Senate

Just want to let folks know about the launch of the Drupal site for the New York State Senate last week! Make sure to read the case study when you get a chance...

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Call for local Drupal case studies

LA Drupal is looking to hear about your Drupal work. Contact me directly (private message or via email) with a link and your contact info. Right now we offer 5 minute lightning talks at our monthly meetings, and plan to showcase local Drupal works on (yes, its getting a face lift). I hope to see all types of sites brought to my attention that the local community has produced. Sites must be at least in Drupal 5 and you must be an LA Drupal member.

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Wellstone Action Case Study

Hi All,

We've just posted a case study describing our work for Wellstone Action, an awesome local (Twin Cities, MN) organization serving the progressive movement. The case study is at and covers the process we use to build websites with Drupal - and - as such - may be of interest to folks here.


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Case Study: Davis Applied Technology College

I finished our year-long project of a brand new website using Drupal. My case study is here, here and here if anyone is interested (the last one being the complete version that was posted on

And here's a link to the site:

Feedback is welcome! (design, usability, content, etc.)


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