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Working on OpenLayers 3.x

Hi all,

After a couple of quiet months, I would like to start working actively again with Openlayers.

My goals are:

Things to be done in OL 3.x



  • Strong map data validation and errors management: Not yet done
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    Best practice for geolocation: addressfield + geofield + geocoder vs text + geofield + geocoder

    I am asking for input on the the best practice for having a user enter a location and then having the system geocode that location.

    Addressfield + geofield + geocoder
    Addressfield allows one to enter in each part the location if they know it
    It allows a developer to access each piece of the address easily
    Integrates with alot of other Drupal modules

    You cannot have a piece of the address by required and the others not.
    For example, I hardly ever know what the zip code of a venue or location is yet if addressfield is required, I have to enter it.

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    Mapping from GPX file

    I'm putting together a personal site to keep track of local trails; I want to render a map from an uploaded GPX file, no problem so far using FileField, Geocoder and Leaflet. To make it a bit more interesting I would like to add a little more information such as a table or list with Distance, Vertical Climb, Vertical Drop, Grade (average), Grade (max), Altitude (min), Altitude (max) and a chart plotting vertical over distance.

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    Is there a way to use Leaflet and Geocoder together?

    Hello Spatial Drupalists,

    I'm trying to geocode city names and show it on leaflet map, at the node add/edit forms. Is there a way to do it?

    Thanks for your kind help:))

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