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Openlayers and Leaflet update

Hi all,

Since the month of September of 2014, I started working on a new version of Openlayers, find the roadmap here and feel free to participate.

Last week, after 10 months of development, I made a summer cleanup of the code again, added the missing bits and finalized the API.
I feel that the module has never been so stable since.

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Store locator with proximity


I need to make store locator with proximity radius search.

From available solutions have tried:
Google store locator (
Openlayers + geojson + geofield proximity exposed (

For now, Google store locator don't uses proximity filter or bbox argument, so this option is out.

Other option with openlayers, problem is that openlayers + geojson isn't working at all, and geofield exposed filter is returning search results, but location of search is not centered after search is conducted.

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Working on OpenLayers 3.x

Hi all,

After a couple of quiet months, I would like to start working actively again with Openlayers.

My goals are:

Things to be done in OL 3.x



  • Strong map data validation and errors management: Not yet done
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    openlayers, views and gpx

    Hi Group

    I hope this is the right place to post this question.
    Or should i post in views gruop ?

    I followed this toturial :

    I use this for showing gpx tracks.
    The problem is, that i upload more than one gpx in one node.
    In views and OL output, only one track is shown, no matter how many tracks i upload to the node.

    Can anyone tell me what i am missing in views to show all tracks ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Google Maps Directions usage with OpenLayers

    Hi all,

    I have a fresh Drupal installation with OpenLayers on . I wonder if it is possible to use Google Maps Directions functionality with OpenLayers. module achieves this without OpenLayers; but I need OpenLayers for displaying my attractions on the Map with tooltip.

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    Interactive Map Developer : Mapbox/Leaflet/OpenLayers | KALISH Design

    Employment type: 

    ** Project no longer available **

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    Drupal Module Developer on UNICEF & Worldbank projects | Kampala, Uganda | Mountbatten Ltd.

    Employment type: 
    Full time

    Mountbatten Ltd. is a Drupal shop in Uganda where we work on small local and a few big international sites with a fast growing team of 10+ people. Our clients are, amongst others, UNICEF, Worldbank, Fortune top 100 and local companies.

    In this team we have an opportunity for an experienced Drupal developer. Your role is to coordinate the work on the range of modules we maintain on with a team of developers and to cooperatively design and write on the most urgent code.

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    Drupal Developer with Strong Skills in Open Layers and MapBox | Bixal

    Employment type: 

    Looking for a U.S. Based Drupal developer with strong skills in developing mapping solutions using Open Layers and MapBox for an upcoming freelance contract role.

    Please send you resume and expression of interest to

    Thank you,

    Carla Briceno

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    Problem med Openlayers och filter

    Jag försöker filtrera innehållet i en openlayer map men det fungerar inte.

    Det handlar om en node "plant" (Anläggning) där det finns fält för län och kommun, det finns en view som visar både kartan och en lista. I listan fungerar filtreringen men inte på kartan trots att de är uppsatta med samma filtreringsparametrar???

    Har letat i bland parametrarna i openlayer men hittar inte någon inställning som skickar sökfrågor och heller inget vettigt på

    Länkar till karta & lista.

    Förslag någon ?

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    Propuesta de charla sobre temas geo

    Buenas, he añadido a la página del wiki de temas para charlas una propuesta sobre temas geo.

    Mi idea para cuando os apetezca es contar de forma lo más concisa posible cómo añadir un campo geográfico a un tipo de contenido para luego explotarlo en vistas con mapas. Intentaría introducir el mínimo de conceptos necesarios para tener los casos de uso más sencillos usando el módulo Geofield para almacenar los datos y OpenLayers o tal vez también Leaflet para la presentación de mapas.

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