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User Points, the module, provides a method for users to accumulate points for performing certain actions on your site such as posting nodes, commenting or moderating a comment. It also provides an API that allows you to easily add other actions a user may perform to gain points. User Points combined with modules from User Points Contributed modules create a useful mechanism to incentive users to participate in the site, and be more active.

This is a developer group to help plan and discuss the User Points API core module, User Points contributed modules, as well as assist others in creating their own User Points modules.

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How to access current points in rules

I want to use current points of any user?
It has function
function userpoints_rules_get_current_points
Its not working
But How can I use it?

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Userpoints awards for Tweet, post on FB, G+ etc.?

Hi, are there examples how to award Userpoints for post on FB, Tweet, G+ and interactions with other external sites?

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Prevent a user from being allocated points more than once when viewing a URL.


I have a Rule that allocates a certain amount of points to a user when they visit a certain URL. However, how do I prevent them from accruing any more points if they re-visit the URL?

As background information, if the user completes a survey they get sent to a return URL which then allocates them the points. What I want to ensure is that they do not re-do the survey and then get more points!

My current Rule is:

{ "rules_ste_ls_test_1_complete" : {
"LABEL" : "STE - LS - TEST 1 - COMPLETE 22\u002F11\u002F13",
"PLUGIN" : "reaction rule",

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Variations on User Points

I am a Drupal Newbie who is learning as I go. I'm watching videos, reading, experimenting, working through. So far I think Drupal is absolutely amazing, and it has opened a whole new world of development for me, so I can't wait to see where it goes.

Currently, I have embarked on a project and have incorporated the user points module to help accomplish my goal.

Overall goal: Create a "Club" points site that can be replicated for various clients.

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Gift Site User Points

I am working on a gift giving site. I wanted to use user points to negotiate the transfer of user points from one member to another member.
Bill wants a pony. (worth 500 points).
Jenny wants Bill to have a pony (click on a button and Bill get 5 points towards his pony deducted from Jenny's balance).

Is there a module or a recipe that exists that allows this to happen? I know how to build something like this and tie it into the Userpoints API, but I would rather not re-invent the wheel, if I could.

Thanks in advance!

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User points + commerce for reverse auction

Hello everyone,

I wonder whether possible to integrate User points with commerce for an reverse auction site.
I believe it is quite possible but here comes to intended business logic :

1-In a reverse auction , when users "look for" some services/goods/product, the amount of points they wish to pay should be kept in "the system". At the end of a succesfull auction flow, system should transfer points to winner. (At the end user has to pay )

2- If users "offers" some services/goods/product then no need to keep the points in "the system" (At the end user will receive the points)

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Multiple points granted when user fast clicks

I need advice to help me deal with this problem:
I use userpoints in a site where points are awarded to users when they login, but only once a day.
I have setup a rule:

On event "User has logged in"


$today = date("d-m-Y"); // if he has logged in yesterday at 23:50 he can log in today at 0:05

$today_timestamp = strtotime($hoy);

if ([account:user-last-login-raw]<$today_timestamp)
return true;

return false;

Grant points to a user

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List of all user points regardless of category

I have User Points installed as part of a Student of the Year award system where I use categories to separate the points by how they are earned.

A - Has anyone tried to display the full listing of User Points regardless of the category they were listed in? I created a basic page and have the User Points Block listed under the other content in the body but so far, nothing shows. It may be a config issue, but being new (1 week) to Drupal, I thought I should ask.

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External Entity Rate Module Integration

Hi everyone, I have 2 questions really:

Has anyone tried to integrate the External Entity Rate Module into Userpoints?

Or second knows how to do it and is willing to share in newbie terms.


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freelance | CSPO

Employment type: 

~$50 CDN (at this writing, $1.00 cdn = 0.987 US)

I have just under $50 CDN in my Paypal account.

The development team for userpoints contributed modules has been mostly inactive for over a year, save for one fellow who does not seem to have much time on his hands for the project.

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Bulk import of user points?

I am in the process of adding a user points feature to a client's Drupal site.

Their plan is to award their customers points for each sales order, with the point amount calculated from the dollar amount of each order. All of their e-commerce is conducted on a separate (offline) intranet, with orders entered manually into a large db application.

I can get an Excel file output from their database, (easily converted to CSV) of all sales transactions, with points, user IDs, etc. A typical Excel file like this covers a single week's activity, and contains about 300 transactions.

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og + userpoints + user badges


How to configure Organic groups to work with User Points so that Group owner assigns user points to user of that group based on post, comments etc.

bascially a taxonomy should be assigned to a group and when a user posts a content in a group points should be assigned to that user pointing to the group taxonomy.

i e each group owner should have a control over the User Points and the group taxonomy

any help.....?

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UserPoints and OG integration


I need the following capabilities on my site and just want to know if they already exist before I dive in to module development.

  1. Being able to associate a UserPoints category with an Organic Group - Right now, I can do this with Rules and content types, kind of. I basically need to make sure a content type is only able to be posted in a specific group, but once done that, Rules works.
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User access to their points across multiple sites

Wondering if anyone has gotten this to work:
I have set up shared user accounts across multiple sites and would like to be able to view / have points added through any of those sites.

Shared accounts were set up by having all subdomains use the user tables in the main site through settings.php like so:

$db_prefix = array(
"default" => "slave1_", // the prefix for tables that are not shared.
"users" => "master_",
"sessions" => "master_",
"authmap" => "master_",
"profile_fields" => "master_",
"profile_values" => "master_",

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freelance developer | Our Best Service

Employment type: 
Part time

Looking for experienced drupal developer for the following:
Website theming is not necessary, just the modules customization.
1.Set up an auction site where the last bidder is the winner, not the highest bidder. Probably need some module customization to do that. There may also be a dozen different types of auction added.
2. Set up notifications via sms and email, so that users are notified when they win a bid, or their specified prices or time before auction closes are met.
3. Set up auto bidding options for users.
4. Userpoints or credits are used to purchase bids.

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Amout of user points decides premission

The idea is this:

When you create an account you will be given 10 user points. Then you will be given 10 points automatically every week. As i understand it this can be done through the rules module. Then i want to to make certain nodes viewable depending on the amount of user points you have. So the longer time you have been a member of the site the more nodes can be accessed.

Anyone know how to set node persmissions depending on user points?



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Administration of User Points

Hi, if anyone can help with this issue it would be awesome. When I go to the User Points Administration Panel and click "detail" to see where each user has their points it tells me "Access denied. You are not authorized to access this page." Which is odd seeing as I am logged in as the admin. Is there something I'm missing or is it like this for everyone?

Again, any help is appreciated!

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Start with 30 points instead of 0

Hello all,

I have just joined this group as I installed this module onto my website. I have a question regarding the following issue. I want users to be able to join an organic groups and receive a set total points (say 30) for joining the group.
Now, after having installed the module, I don't see how I can set this up. So my question is: does anyone know how to allocate a set amount of points so that users joining a group would be rewarded with a certain number of points?

Thank you for your time reading this post.

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Userpoint Taxonomies....

Is there any way to do this? I can set userpoints to expire after a certain time, but I don't see a way to change the expiration period by taxonomies. I'd also like to be able to let users trade between taxonomies... So they can trade one of their month-long points for a week-long point, or vice versa.

Any direction, module suggestion, or code appreciated. :-)

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Reset points every 24h with rules is possible?

I have a Triggered rule:

Event: User is a day older
Action: Grant 5 points to a user

But I want that points turns to 5 points every 24h. how to?

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