Conference Organizing Distribution (COD)


COD is a "Conference Organizing Distribution" meant to make it easy to build a site for manage events with features like session submission, registration, user profiles, forums, and logistical information.

You should use COD if you are building a site for a conference like a Drupalcamp or Barcamp, for an organization that offers trainings, for a Drupalcon perhaps, for a music venue that wants to sell tickets online without using ticketmaster, etc.

News about Conference Organizing

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Consider joining in discussion of cod in irc: #drupal-cod


COD Roadmap for Drupal 6 and beyond.

Download and Code

Complete COD package
Install Profile on (note, somewhat broken due to d.o packaging limitations)
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COD Discussions

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COD Sprint Review from NYC Camp

I was somewhat overwhelmed at the amount of people who are trying to use COD, and found out a bit of that first hand this weekend. I'm happy to say beta is coming along very nicely, and we've made some great progress in the past few months...

Thanks to the NYC Camp team for input and showing me how they've used COD for their site, I'm looking forward to integrating their improvements upstream, especially the dashboards. MongoDB was there, Jason working on Ticket Module, and Emilie has written a new base theme for COD based on Omega4.

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Need help getting the Schedule to work in COD 7

I am relatively new to Drupal, and therefore unsure if this is the best place to ask this, but here goes....

I am in urgent need of a COD developer to help me with a key part of COD that is not working: the schedule. I am a developer working at WICHE (, and we would very much like to use COD for a large annual conference later this year, but I am now behind schedule on the project due to this obstacle.

I am working with COD version cod-7.x-1.0-alpha4+1-dev, which is built on Drupal 7.24.

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How to create a Schedule in COD 7?

I've learned a lot about how COD 7 works in the last couple of weeks, still haven't quite figured out the view cod_session_schedule. (This is for the version cod-7.x-1.0-alpha4+1-dev)

The documentation has not quite kept up with the development of this great application, so the existing videos and docs don't help much. I can create all the components of a schedule -- time slots, rooms, sessions, speakers -- but how to get the preview to appear in cod_session_schedule is still an elusive mystery.

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Restricting Roles to certain events

Trying out COD, and I see that it has the ability to create multiple events. Problem is, I want the session manager or attendee managers of one even to not be able to see the attendees/other info of other events. Is there any possible way to do it by just playing around with the configuration?

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Adding to documentation for COD D7

I am new to Drupal, but will be using COD in my first project at a new job in Boulder, CO. I would be glad to help contribute to documentation, as I work my way up the learning curve. If any of the COD developers would like to point me in the right direction, I'd be glad to help as much as I can; my limitation is that I'm new to Drupal, and still finding my way around it (but I've been programming since 1992, am pretty familiar with PHP, very familiar with databases..)

Rick Casey

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Need some help completing COD install

I have a new job as a Drupal developer, and need to get a conference website up and running pronto. COD looks like a great solution; however, this needs to be on Drupal 7, and the installation doc ( is incomplete.

I did steps 1-3, but the 4th step:
"4. Hit the site through a web browser and install Drupal and the COD features."
is ridiculously vague. None of the COD features or content types show up at this point...and the wording of this step is ambiguous.."install Drupal"? That was done in step 1...

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How to update COD on production environment

I am about to launch a COD site but the distro has several security updates needed. Can I update to the latest Drupal and contrib modules, or is there an updated COD version somewhere that is up to date?

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COD Sprints at BADcamp

2013-10-26 11:00 - 15:00 America/Vancouver

If you're coming to BADcamp, come help make COD for Drupal 7.x better!

We'll be tackling a few issues in the queue, and depending on how much we get done, releasing a new Alpha.

Discuss below which things you want to work on, and maybe with some pre-organization we can make this a really effective sprint. I'll be at BADcamp sprinting on mainly commons, but want to help people get setup if they're interested in improving COD.

Some topics:
1) Moving scheduling from rooms to event CT
2) Getting default (or current events) setup

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COD Sprint @Drupal Developer days Dublin

2013-06-27 10:10 - 2013-06-30 23:00 Europe/Dublin

Pasted from dublin node:

Submitted by aburrows on Mon, 06/03/2013 - 16:52
Working on the issue queue and making COD feature set better
Organiser(s): aburrows
Days: 27,28,29,30

Onsite and Online participants welcome.

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Handling EFT payments and Payment Gateways for sign-ups

I am working on an events site using COD6 that has the majority of the users paying either using credit cards via MyGate Virtual or making EFT payments. How best can I have these users added to the list of event signups as well as receive signup confirmation emails as soon as they finish checkouts. I would also want to be able to distinguish the EFT signups so for administrative purposes e.g send client reminders to send proof of payments, manage seating arrangements at venues etc.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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