Drupal for Community Supported Agriculture

A number of people met for a BoF at DrupalCon DC in March 2009. Our goal is discuss how Drupal can be used to help farmers run their CSAs and help people get better access to good, local, food.

During the BoF we outlined the following initial steps to move this forward:

  • Create use cases or user scenarios for: Farmers, CSA Members, Prospective CSA Members: if you fit into any of these categories, or know anyone who does, please develop a user story or use case (learn more about user personas.)
  • Research existing CSA websites and add them to this wiki page of existing CSA websites
  • Research coordinating organizations that support CSAs
  • Research Government Funding sources
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Drupal Farm CSA

Hey all, I'm not sure if this group is still kicking, but I thought I'd share some projects I've been working on...

I started a new distribution called Drupal Farm (http://drupal.org/project/farm), which aims to be a Drupal platform for farmers. I've also been working on some recordkeeping (http://drupal.org/project/farm_log) and CSA management (http://drupal.org/project/farm_csa) features.

It's all still pretty raw, and there are bugs left to iron out (I'll be documenting and tracking them in the issue queues soon).

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New similar group: Buying Clubs

Hi all,

if somebody is interesting in developing Drupas-based solution for Buying Clubs (usually local food buying clubs) feel free to join Group discusions here:
Drupal Buying Clubs

See you :)

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Using Drupal Commons distribution as a foundation

Hello everybody.

This is in some way call to arms! ;)

I would like to suggest CSA, Transition towns and other real-world communities and individuals to join forces and resources and help Acquia to build one community Drupal distribution to rule them all. :)

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Building a CSA site from scratch... got suggestions, pointers, encouragement?

I'm a volunteer with a local CSA (and a Drupal hobbyist) and have somehow volunteered to build a new site for them.

I plan on using Drupal Commerce to sell our membership shares, but would love some feedback/guidance/suggestions/encouragement on how best handle things like member pick-ups and "drawing down" the balance of a membership share. Has anyone had to wrestle with some of this before?


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Drupal Farmers Group

Hi all,
Just an FYI: I started the Drupal Farmers Group, which has a slightly different (but related) purpose to this CSA group. The purpose of that group is to attempt to gather people doing Drupal part time and farming part time as a way to live a more balanced life (ie. it's not about building drupal sites for farms).

If you do this in some way or are interested in the concept, hop over there and join. Hope to see you there!

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CityGroups Weekend for Bay Area Urban Agriculture

2011-10-08 10:00 - 2011-10-09 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 

October 8, 2011
Code Sprint & Public Design Workshop at Code for America Offices
85 2nd Street (at Mission), San Francisco
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

October 9, 2011
Community Graphics Installations at and around Hayes Valley Farm
450 Laguna (at Fell), San Francisco
12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

We would like to invite you to a unique little software & design event in which we launch a public directory of urban agriculture community groups for the Bay Area.

Sign up on this event page and/or register on Eventbrite.


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Mapping Community Gardens with FusionTablesLayer

At the Urban Gardening BoF in Chicago, one of the topics that was briefly discussed was around whether & how we could identify or adopt a uniform manner of storing location information about urban gardens, such that it would be easily shareable, discoverable, pluggable...

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Going to Drupalcon? Urban Ag & Gardening BoF

Going to Drupalcon? Want to meet up for an Urban Ag & Gardening BoF? What would you like to discuss? Topic may be expanded to include ecology, food safety, food-justice, CSAs, ...

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Progress on CSA software?

I'm a Drupal developer who is starting a veg box scheme in London - www.localgreens.org.uk.
I'm intending to build a complete order and payment processing back end, but don't want to reinvent the wheel. Has anyone made a start? Or can recommend modules to use?

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Lots of stuff happening this summer with the Drupal Open Garden Project

There is a ton of stuff going on with the Drupal Open Garden Project this summer.
We are just getting underway & we are now known as a 'Summer Learning Collaborative.'


We have some basic open source development skills-building classes underway (command line, git, php, drush and maybe IRC & 'theme crew')


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Drupal Farmers?

I don't know if I'm the only one out there who is doing Drupal + farming. I will be farming part-time next year. This presents a problem because during the growing season I will have much to do. I'm curious if there are other farmers out there doing web development. Maybe there is someone in the Southern hemisphere I can partner with :) ?

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Proposal to Expand Ourselves

Would anyone in this group be interested in expanding the mission statement of this group?

If so...how much?
a. ... to include gardening, community gardens, and urban agriculture?
b. ... to include plantings, harvests, native plant restorations, parks, growing things, environmental planning, greening initiatives.
c. ... to be an umbrella group for environmental/eco-Drupal?
d. ... to become the 'Drupal for Green' group?
e. ... to become the 'Drupal for Sustainability' group?
e. ... to keep this group as CSA, and start new groups for any of the above.

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Garden Geeks Plant Yourselves Here

Dear Drupal Garden Geeks, Green Geeks & Harvest Hackers

We can grow ourselves into a bigger group here. We can talk about Drupal & building things that connect to gardens, community gardens, ecosystems et cetera, and then lobby for a different group if we need one later.

So in other words, it will be OK to talk here about using Drupal to do geotweeting about non-edible native plants on bikepaths, which, obviously, is the opposite of a CSA Drupal distribution. ;P :)

Little Announcement:

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Beginner Developer Class: "Hot & Dirty Drupal Developer Summer Garden Project" - Application Deadline

2010-05-15 23:55 UTC
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

Only local images are allowed.

This summer, I am offering/organizing a hands-on open source developer class, for beginning developers.

* student participants
* mentors
* additional project coordinators in other cities, if there is interest


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Planning a CSA Web Site

Is Drupal really a solution for the small farm or CSA?

What price points should we be aware of for establishing a Dupal web site with (and without) e-commerce? If our organization does not have any technical people on board, what should we expect to pay for on-going monthly software support? Is it necessary to have our own Virtual Private Server? Any tips, links, advice, and guidance would be extremely welcome.

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Ubercart without checkout

There is a little organic farm nearby that my wife and I buy a lot of food from. The couple that runs the farm are great people. I started talking to them about their current site and how it was not suiting their needs or doing much for anyone else (prepare yourself mentally and physically before clicking this link http://www.robertsfarm2004.com/).

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Drupal Site Connecting Multiple Groups - Consumers/Farm/School/Youth/Tech

My friend and I just started a company & pre-launched our site this morning - http://plenticulture.com. We're still in the early stages, but I'm building the site in Drupal 6 and wanted to let you guys know what we're up to so we can see where we might be able to help each other. Here's our mission:

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Notes from #bof at #drupalcon DC, March 5 2009

CSA Bof @ DrupalCon DC 2009

* Alex from CT family members in CSA
* Steve from Denver from Growing Venture Solutions, about to join a CSA, wants to work on an urban gardens website
* Kevin (me) CivicActions / Toronto
* Sam from Raleigh NC, will work with his farmer on his website
* Aaron from NH in Boston, shareholder, just finished Omnivore's Dilemna, sister has Brookfield farm in Amherst MA
* Shaun from Boston, local food movement, The Food Project
* Benjamin Melancon, Agaric Design Collective, People Who Give a Damn, Fiscal sponsor

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Existing CSA Websites

Please add websites from existing CSAs to this wiki page, jot a few notes about the site, consider using Wappalyzer to determine if the site is running a particular CMS or web app. (Post useful and interesting feature links here.

CSA Drupal sites

  1. Angelic Organics Learning Center, Caledonia, IL
  2. Biodynamics.com, lists CSA farms by state, name or city
  3. Mustard Seed Community Farm, Ames, IA
  4. Primrose Community Farm, Cross Plains, WI
  5. Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA
  6. Stoney Acres Farm, Athens, WI
  7. Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, Tampa, FL
  8. Two Toad Farms, Lebanon, ME - also using Jquery
  9. Women's Environmental Institute, North Branch, MN
  10. Yellow Hook CSA, Bay Ridge, NY
  11. Captain Pollard's Flintlock Farm, Harvard and Still River, MA
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