Lodges and other Fraternal/Community Organizations

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The steady decline of membership in community organizations has slowed in the last few years as a new wave of younger people gets involved. In many cases, however, these organizations are still lagging behind when it comes to communicating via the web; older members may not immediately recognize the value of a web site as a powerful recruiting and communication tool. Even if they do, they may not be fortunate enough to have a member who is willing and able to undertake the building and upkeep of a web site.

A "Drupal for Lodges" install profile developed by members of these organizations who also happen to know their way around Drupal could be a huge help, and would hopefully bring together some collective best practices that people have come up with in their individual efforts.

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Drupal Updates from OSI Days 2010 - Open Source Conference, Chennai - September 19-21, 2010

Conference Details - http://osidays.com
Drupal Sessions with Overview and details: http://osidays.com/tracks/60
Conference Registration - http://osidays.com/register-now

Shortlisted Sessions:



  • Building Powerful search in Drupal by Prajwala Manchikatla - http://osidays.com/proposal/building-powerful-search-drupal
  • Citizen Journalism on Drupal by Markus Franz - http://osidays.com/proposal/citizen-journalism-drupal
  • Drupal Theming (Workshop) by Marek Sotak - http://osidays.com/proposal/drupal-theming
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    This may come in handy

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    Massachusetts Freemasonry 2.0

    The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts is looking at ways to engage current and prospective members with social media: http://www.massfreemasonry.org/index.tpl?&ng_view=56&ng_id=217

    It will be interesting to see what develops, and whether open source CMSes might come into play.

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    Install Profile feature/wish list

    I'd like to brainstorm some of the typical features that would make sense to include on an "out of the box" lodge web site:

    • WYSIWYG editor
    • IMCE
    • Calendar
    • News page
    • Officer profiles
    • Photo galleries
    • Private OG for committees and other internal discussion groups
    • Access control for members-only content / downloads
    • Roles for members, officers, content editors
    • Contact form
    • Path/Pathauto
    • Stock top-level pages & primary links ("About/History/FAQ/Contact")
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    Who's already using Drupal for a Lodge/Chapter/Post website?

    I met a few of you at Drupalcon DC, so I know there are some of us out there. Post a link to your site here, and maybe a few implementation details (Which version of Drupal, themes, modules, etc.)

    I'll go first:
    North Quabbin Lodge, A.F. & A.M. - Drupal 5. Nothing fancy yet; the theme is based on Barlow and the site is pretty straightforward, using CCK/views/Date/Calendar.

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