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Only local images are allowed.The Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative is a concerted effort to make Drupal 8 a first-class mobile platform. This is the official place to discuss those challenges and make plans! Want to help?

  1. Read the introductory blog post by John Albin Wilkins, the D8 Mobile Initiative lead.
  2. Checkout Shyamala’s Blog on the mobile initiative to find out what we’ve accomplished as of March 2013.
  3. Read the Mobile initiative page on to fine most important places to help. We need documenters, reviewers, thinkers and coders.

Initiative Goals

To make Drupal a leading mobile CMS platform, the top issues we’ll need to address are:

A full description of the goals and detailed breakdown of associated tasks can be found on the Strategy for the Mobile Initiative document.

In addition to the issues in our initiative, we’ll work very closely with other Drupal 8 initiatives to ensure a complete mobile solution:

  • Web services for native app integration (Learn more about D8 WSCCI)
  • Blocks and layouts everywhere (Learn more about D8 SCOTCH)
  • HTML5 elements necessary for HTML5 Web apps (Learn more about D8 HTML5)

Issues to work on

You can find interesting stuff to work on by looking at the different topics in the Drupal 8 mobile initiative issue queue:


Several companies have generously provided assistance to the Mobile Initiative:

  • BrowserStack has provided a 10-user license to help initiative volunteers to test our work against a wide variety of browsers and devices.
  • Palantir is providing funding for several hours of JohnAlbin’s time each week to lead the Mobile Initiative.
  • At our request during Drupalcon Denver, Pantheon created a free service to host sandboxes for any work on Drupal 8 development.


Current signups for

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What’s next in the Drupal mobile initiative?

New Drupal 8 CSS Architecture

Restructuring the Drupal 8 CSS is the next big step that John has initiated. Through January there has been many discussions on the CSS Architecture at: & The CSS policy is now Official at the Drupal Documentation pages and we can start implementing them along with John at:

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Code Sprint at Sydney

Those at Sydney do not forget to join the code sprint at Sydney:

John is having a Featured session at Sydney on CSS is for Clark Kent. Sass is for Superman.

This week's Mobile initiative meeting cancelled as John will be travelling to Sydney.

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Update on D8 Mobile Initiative - #29 & #29.5

29 & #29.5

Links to videos, watch the recording of this weeks meetings:



Both meetings had good discussions around the CSS coding standards, John highlighted the pros of building a standard based on SMACSS. Did you miss the meeting, make sure you watch the discussions on the videos!

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Summary of D8 Mobile Initiative Meeting #27 & #27.5

Amazing participation on the very first Eastern-Hemisphere-friendly Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative meeting, we had over 5 new participants. Look at seeing you all on issue queues and continued support for the mobile initiative.

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All New CSS coding standards up for discussion!

Over 4 years ago, Alan Burke noticed that Drupal didn't have any CSS coding standards. He asked the documentation team lead at the time, Addison Berry, for advice and she suggested that if they wrote the first draft of the CSS coding standards, that would get the ball rolling on discussing them. The goal being to write, iterate and come to consensus on Drupal’s coding standards. See for the original discussion.

Unfortunately, its 4 years later and the CSS coding standards are still marked “Draft”.

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Implementing the admin interface prototype and using Pushstate Assisted Navigating (PAN) in Drupal

I've been following Lewis' developments with the prototype and talked to some people about how to implement it and I think it's possible but to do it right will take a lot of work.

I would like to share my notes on this and make a suggestion to discuss pushstate-ajax (pjax) in Drupal, because as browser support is improving I think this will be the technology that allows websites (webapps) to catch up with native apps in terms of speed, responsiveness and scalability.


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Core Initiative Windsprints

We will hold windsprints (mini sprints) each week on IRC in #drupal (on

Timezone conversion: Friday, 17:00 to 19:00 UTC


  • Bring lessons learned from core mentoring hours to Drupal 8 Core Initiatives.
  • Provide a structured time where anyone can contribute to core initiatives.
  • Leverage an army of potential contributors who don't know where to start.

The Plan

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Designing Drupal's Mobile Navigation and Beyond

The short story

Come and help us perfect and implement the hot new mobile interface design in Drupal 8. Try the prototype on your phone. Also, go to the issue queue.

The long story

Over the past six months we've been working on designing the experience of getting to where you want within Drupal's admin interface.

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A first wireframe for a create content screen for small screens

Sitting in at the Denver mobile sprint I spent some time coming up with a wireframe to explore how we could organize the create content page for small screens.


The general idea

  • Content creation and editing screen consists of fields, settings and publish/save buttons.
  • Show each field on its own line. One line for each field.
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