Drupal for museums. Online collections, integration of collection databases, mobile information for visitors, ticketing, museum tours etcetera.

Please add your museum to the list of museums using Drupal.


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Drupal & museum tour software

TAP tours - a Drupal distribution to create your own tours for iPhones/Ipod Touch.
tour request - a module (in cvs request and in use here) for requesting a guided tour

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Museum/Festival/Theatre ticketing systems and Drupal

This wikipage contains information about available modules to connect Drupal to Museum, Festival and Theatre Ticketing Systems

Tessitura Tessitura module developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota
Gateway Ticketing Systems -
ActiveTickets custom module for Eye Institute Netherlands, built by OneShoe; custom module Fakkeltheater, built by PureSign
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Collection Management Systems and Drupal

This wikipage aims to contain information about connecting Drupal to a Collection Management System



TMS no information available CollectiveACCESS CollectiveAccess module eMU no information available Adlib Adlib module -in dev AdlibTools AdlibTools module Read more

Museums using Drupal

List of museums using Drupal. Please add if you know a museum not mentioned in this list.






  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Brasil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Cyprus
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    Latest discussions

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    Hi everybody, if you were at the BoF today, it was great meeting all of you. Sometimes I feel like Drupal discussions are more of a "support group", but it was nice to see that many orgs are grappling with the same problems we have. The idea of Workflow/Workbench and approval processes was pretty revealing. As always, the implementation usually reveals the organizational culture. Museums sure are quirky, aren't they?

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    Louvre using Drupal

    Louvre is using Drupal since December 2010 for their community site http://communaute.louvre.fr/. The site uses the organic groups module to create discussion groups about projects and themes of the museum. Another feature is the tagging of objects (both registered and anonymous users). Object information is imported from the database as plain text. Images are generated using imagecache. Registered users are able to create their own gallery.

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    Drupal and Collections Online

    How have folks used Drupal to deliver collections objects online? We recently redesigned our website with Drupal, but our Online Collections program is a custom PHP application. http://www.thestrong.org/online-collections/

    It was a better choice at the time, primarily because of the category structure, and the import processing from our collections database. It seems something like this would be better suited for a PHP application framework (and in fact, I was 50% done rewriting this program in CakePHP) than Drupal...

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    Remote Collection Data in Drupal

    There are several solutions to get data of the collection management system in Drupal. Some while ago Palantir gave a interesting presentation during Museums and the web about different strategies for getting remote collections data into Drupal.
    At the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag we will start to use Drupal as a frontend solution for collection analysis. We use Adlib as a backend and plan to develop a module to accomplish the connection to Drupal.

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