Drupal for museums. Online collections, integration of collection databases, mobile information for visitors, ticketing, museum tours etcetera.

Please add your museum to the list of museums using Drupal.


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Drupal & museum tour software

TAP tours - a Drupal distribution to create your own tours for iPhones/Ipod Touch.
tour request - a module (in cvs request and in use here) for requesting a guided tour

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Museum/Festival/Theatre ticketing systems and Drupal

This wikipage contains information about available modules to connect Drupal to Museum, Festival and Theatre Ticketing Systems

Tessitura Tessitura module developed by the Science Museum of Minnesota
Gateway Ticketing Systems -
ActiveTickets custom module for Eye Institute Netherlands, built by OneShoe; custom module Fakkeltheater, built by PureSign
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Collection Management Systems and Drupal

This wikipage aims to contain information about connecting Drupal to a Collection Management System



TMS no information available CollectiveACCESS CollectiveAccess module eMU no information available Adlib Adlib module -in dev AdlibTools AdlibTools module Read more

Museums using Drupal

List of museums using Drupal. Please add if you know a museum not mentioned in this list.






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  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Belgium
  • Brasil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Cyprus
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    Latest discussions

    bertboerland's picture



    how to deal with a site that is being listed as a drupal website inclusing a showcase, yets the site already migrated to another cms? should we delete the entry? mark the showcase as "oudated" ore even unpublish it?

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    DrupalCon Barcelona - GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) BoF

    A quick heads-up that I've just added a Birds of a Feather session at DrupalCon Barcelona, to discuss Drupal for GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums). If anyone with interest or experience in using Drupal for this is going to be there next week, it'd be great to see you there.


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    mr4711's picture

    Online Museum of Banana Labels

    Hi out there,

    we need help in theming a new online collection of banana labels: riehl-collection.de. We have a quite boring graphical design so far. And, there are many collectors in Costa Rica and Ecuador who need a mobile version. Support in translation will also help.

    Anybody who has fun to contribute this really funny thing?

    Michael (info@riehl-collection.de)

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    gagarine's picture

    Museum distribution / installation profile


    Every Museum/gallery have the same needs. They need a way to manage and display their collection, add event, add exhibitions, sell stuff on a store, blogs,...

    This sound like a good match for a Drupal distribution.

    Do you know any work already done in this direction?


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    drneikirk's picture

    OCR of older text


    My organization is looking into using Drupal, so I am very new to this. I have noticed the various modules that would seem very beneficial for us, and one in particular is the OCR (optical character recognition) module for Drupal. My question(s) is has anyone tried out the OCR module on older printed text prior to the mid-nineteenth century, and if so what was your results, and what is your opinion of this module? Are their any other OCR modules that may work within Drupal that are fairly easy to use? I would like to find other options that may be available.

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    meezaan's picture

    Drupal module for Vesica Collections Management

    I'm looking at working with developers who might be interested in working with our team to build a Drupal module for our SaaS museum collection application - Vesica (http://vesica.ws).

    If you'd like to get involved, please reply and we'll be happy to get in touch and send some more details, etc.



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    joshCJM's picture

    My museum is reader for change, and we are looking at Drupal. Any developers?

    I work at the Contemporary Jewish Museum In San Francisco. Currently we are using Joomla for our site, and I am not happy about it at all. Aside from the issues with the CMS, the integration of Raisers Edge, NetCommunity, and Sparx is ridiculous.

    I would like for the museum to start looking for something other than Blackbaud products, CiviCRM or the like, however the idea of just changing over from Joomla to something like Drupal is a good step.

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    DamienMcKenna's picture

    TMS integration?

    Are any Museum sites out there using TMS (The Museum System from Gallery Systems) for their collections management in addition to using Drupal? If so, how are you handling the integration?

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    BeWhy's picture

    Just collections?

    In addition to collections management, I see that there is an opportunity for Drupal to become a swiss-army knife of sorts for museums.

    Specifically I am thinking that using CiviCRM would help museums manage a range of other aspects of their inner workings. This plus perhaps signup, signup integration with ubercart, ubercart (with roles) and a few other things might be the beginnings of a 'total package' that would have to be customized, not built from scratch.

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    svendecabooter's picture

    GSOC idea: Integrate Drupal & CollectiveAccess (open source collection management software)

    I am currently working on a (set of) module(s) to integrate Drupal with CollectiveAccess, an open source PHP collection management system that is focussed towards cataloguing, maintaining and managing collection data. This software is getting quite some traction with museums, archives and other institutions that require digital collections.

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