The mystery of and how to save more of a complext node with cck fields

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Over the last few days I have been trying to figure out how to properly use the services function to save more than just a simple content type such as story which has just a title and a body. This I can do w/o any issues. The issues that im trying to figure out is when you have a content type lets just say only these fields right now

content type photo
* title
* body
* field_my_photo -- cck imagefield

--- fid i already had from

Now, gets a bit more complex to figure out how to save when you have imagefield in it, building my own test php script to call and send a json formatted array across I was never able to get it to save a node.

Trying to pass this to from my script

  $node = array (
        'type' => 'photo',
      'title' => 'Test111',
    'field_my_photo' => array (
          array (
                    'fid' => 60,
                  'title' => 'test',
                  'filename' => 'rubicon-ipa.jpg',
                    'filepath' => 'sites/default/files/rubicon-ipa.jpg',
                    'filesize' => '487002',
         'uid' => 3,
           'status' => 1,
            'active' => 1

didnt seem to help..

then I started to dig though in 6.2.2 and found out that it uses drupal_execute api call, which is great with forms you can fill out but gets more complex when your trying to figure out values to send to that it will accept.

I was under the assumption originally it was using node_save.

So im a bit stumped as to figure out a way to easily understand what a custom content type with various cck fields wants and how to send that to

I'm unable to find any documentation on this and the few I have asked have told me they wrote their own service for situations like this.

I can easily write my own service that uses node_save, but trying to stay consistent with the services methods I wanted to use

thoughts on how to solve this mystery?


Here's an example of what I

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Here's an example of what I had to do to save a file to a CCK field. In my case, it was an xml document and for various reasons I needed the node name to reflect the name of the document I was importing from a feed. For an image file you would need to change the mime type to the appropriate type, otherwise I think it's the same. Devel and the Krumo bar are very helpful for identifying what these values need to be. Best of luck and I hope this helps.

// fyi string structure: $destination = 'sites/default/files/yourpath/document.xml';

$file = new StdClass();
$file->filename = basename($destination);
$file->filepath = $destination;
$file->filemime = 'application/xml';
$file->filesize = filesize($destination);
$file->uid = 1;
$file->status = FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT;
$file->timestamp = time();

drupal_write_record('files', $file);

$node = new StdClass();
$node->type = 'news';
$node->title = basename($file->filename);
$node->field_news_xml = array(
                'fid' => $file->fid,
                'title' => basename($file->filename),
                'filename' => $file->filename,
                'filepath' => $file->filepath,
                'mimetype' => $mime,
                'description' => basename($file->filename),
                'list' => 1

$node->uid = 1;
$node->status = 0;

I tried to find the original post that helped me figure this out, but was unable to dig it up. I owe that person a huge thank you.

hmm, yea thanks... I did see

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hmm, yea thanks... I did see such an example before, however this gets a bit more complicated since im trying to send this via services from my mobile phone client to drupal services... as a test I use a php example to send data... like the following below..

// set the working directory to your Drupal root used for user_password();
// require the bootstrap include
require_once './includes/';
// Load Drupal

$node = array (
'type' => 'photo',
'title' => 'Test111',
'field_my_photo' => array (
          array (
'fid' => 60,
'title' => 'test',
'filename' => 'test.jpg',
'filepath' => 'sites/default/files/test.jpg',
'filesize' => '487002',
'uid' => 3,
'status' => 1,
'active' => 1

$json = json_encode($node);
$method = '';
$api_key = 'yourkey'; // Your API key.
$sessid = 'yoursessid'; // Your session ID.
$domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
$timestamp = (string) time();
$nonce = user_password();
$hash = hash_hmac('sha256', $timestamp .';'.$domain .';'. $nonce .';'. $method, $api_key);

$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, '');

//prepare the field values being posted to the JSON service (WITH key authentication)
$data = array(
'method' => '"'. $method .'"',
'hash' => '"'. $hash .'"',
'domain_name' => '"'. $domain .'"',
'domain_time_stamp' => '"'. $timestamp .'"',
'nonce' => '"'. $nonce .'"',
'sessid' => '"'. $sessid .'"',
'node' =>  $json,
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data);
//make the request
$result = curl_exec($ch);
print_r($result,1); // debugging

echo "<pre>";

this generates json data from the test array, and sends it via the method call but so far anything I try with the array doesn't seem to work..

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Ah, I see. It might be that you have to create your own service call rather than relying on That way you can specify the values you need to send and write a little code to do the node save.

Yea was my next step, just

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Yea was my next step, just seems that then really isn't really a viable solution for content types with various cck fields since its really hard to tell what data to send and how to form your array of data from the clients to the server. I was hoping someone knew :)

But thank you for taking the time to reply mishwick ++

Have you tried to set only the fid?

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Take a look here:

I haven't played with a cck imagefield yet (on my plate for next week ...), but I think you only need to set the fid in the cck imagefield, not the other file info. That would be similar to a nodereference field for which expects to get something like:
'field_noderef' => array (
array (
'nid' => 30,

PS. Ignore the mention of a patch to in the link above - the patch has already been committed.


I think i have tried every

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I think i have tried every combination, originally i started with just the fid to pass, but be careful since drupal_execute goes though a security blanket of form submission, so ideally what you submit i a form you have to pass though service..

Did you find a solution

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I have run into the same issue. Did you find a way to use and save a CCK field of type file ? If you did can you please post your solution ?