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A few doubts about Drupal multi-site

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Hello ,
I am Roshan, a student from India. I dream of becoming an entrepreneur.
So, I started a blogging website using Drupal. My website is located at
http://blogonity.com .

Currently, I am not satisfied with the present setting of my website.
So, I wish to upgrade it to multi-site. Just like Wordpress multi-site,
I wish to have the following sttings in my website:-
A user registers in my website. He can make as many blogs as he wish,
like, site1.blogonity.com , site2.blogonity.com and so on. There is no
limitation on how many weblogs he make. He will be given a link in his
profile to create new blogs.

A user in his dashboard will have access to adding his own themes and
modules, other than those common for the entire network. And some
modules will be must for all websites under the network. If a certain
condition is satisfied, the network admin can remove those specific
modules from that blog.

How to do so? Please help.

Also,how does the drupal multi-site work. Is it like this:- when a user
creates a blog under my website, a new drupal installation is given to
him, and he can change site informations, and all other details? OR is
it like, he gets a sub-domain or directory for eachnew blog?

How to have separate installations for individual websites created under
my website?

Thank you,
Waiting for your reply,
Regards, Roshan

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