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This is a DBUG planning wiki to help solidify a Drupal Camp in Central Colorado.

See http://groups.drupal.org/node/9624 for the background and the DrupalCamp Organizing Guide for lots of useful tips.

Volunteers (if you want to help out, just add yourself to the list and subscribe to http://pingv.com/mailman/listinfo/drupal)

  • Mike Hostetler
  • Kevin Bridges - Website tweaks, swag (?), Lunch on Saturday
  • John Fiala - Lunch on Saturday
  • Greg Knaddison - Stickers
  • Laura Scott - Breakfast on Saturday Morning
  • Brad Bowman - Session Coordinator
  • Al Steffen - Printing, Breakfast on Saturday Morning, Buttons!
  • Brian Choc - Lunch on Sunday
  • Matt Tucker
  • Jono Shuster
  • Matthew Saunders
  • Kathy Chavez
  • Dave Maddox - General site questions day-of
  • Paul Coughlin - WiFi Setup on Friday
  • Brian Hiatt - General site questions and Setup on Friday
  • Tony Shawcross - General site issues - shirts, site cleanup
  • Preston So

Location - Denver Open Media - 7th and Kalamath.

  • Site map and local eateries
  • Up to 4 sessions
  • Will we be recording sessions for internet distribution? yes
  • Will we be having B.O.F sessions? yes
  • Needs sufficient power and internet for attendees and presenters - yes
  • Needs volunteers to keep track at the door and welcome people to the facility.


If you want to present, submit the proposal on the camp website.

  • Introduction to Drupal Platform and Community
  • Drupal, Non-Profits, and CiviCRM (Level 1-2)
  • Image Management: Image versus ImageField/ImageCache versus others (IMCE, Asset)
  • Panels 2
  • Views 2 - The Most Popular Contributed Module
  • CCK for D6
  • jQuery in Theming
  • Securing Your Drupal Site
  • Coordinating changes between Dev and Live servers
  • Mapping (Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • Drupal for Social Good (Drupal and Nonprofits) Level 1-2
  • Theming for non-themers (including coding with themers in mind)
  • Drupal 101 Getting Started Making Drupal work for you. 0-2 (If there's interest, I'll Present, vordude)
  • The anatomy of a Drupal theme (templates, overrides, functions, and making the css your own). 0-3
  • Localization
  • Overview of the Drupal module system
  • RESTful Web Services and Drupal (Greg Hines; Level 2-3)
  • Overview of the new Drupal 6 Menu system (Mike Hostetler; Level 3-5)
  • Drupal as an application development platform (Mike Hostetler; Level 2-4)
  • Fun with Tokens (Greg Knaddison, ages 6 to 99)
  • Intro to Module Development


The event will be during the days of July 26th and 27th from 9 to 5 with some time afterwards to hang out before we have to shut the door.



  • The facility has most of the equipment that we will need (projectors, power, white boards in many rooms)
  • Paul and Greg need to bring their projectors.
  • If you have a small power strip it might be nice to bring it.

To Do In Advance

  1. Decide a date: DONE - July 26th/27th.
  2. Decide an DONE - everyone is welcome (up to 100, which is likely to sell out).
  3. Find a location DONE - Denver Open Media
  4. Decide a budget:

    1. Venue cost: Space Donated, need to pay for a cleaning person.

    2. Food cost: ~$15/person/day

    3. Shirts and swag - ~20/person
  5. Potential Funding Sources:
    1. Possible sponsors: every Drupal company in the area, recruiters, hosting companies, book companies, tech gadget stores
    2. Charging a small fee ($10? only for the second day?) could also be good to make sure people are "serious" about the event
  6. Volunteer coordinator. With this many people, there should probably be a "help desk" on-site and some sort of registration that will need people.
  7. Presentation coordinator. Will make up the list of events and schedule the activities for the two days. beeradb is coordinating this.
  8. Layout and printing Al Steffen has volunteered to take care of this.
    1. Includes programs, maps of the space,

To Dos (physical at event)

  • Name tags for attendees
  • Projectors and audio equipment - greggles pcoughlin, and ultimateboy each have 1 projector
  • Power outlets/strips
  • Hand out schedules and guides to where events/bathrooms are located within the space


  • How many concurrent sessions will we be running? Approximately 4
  • Will we be providing food and refreshments? yes - light breakfast and lunch delivered.



greggmarshall's picture

I've got a couple of projectors I can bring, assuming I'm in town (or I can make arrangements to loan them to someone).


bchoc's picture

My org. has a couple, and I could appropriate one or perhaps both for the weekend.


kappaluppa's picture

What do we want sponsors to provide? Cash? How much?


kscheirer's picture

is willing to sponsor, and hopefully send some people once you have a date set. if you have a list of topics you'd like to see presented, I can see about making those happen.


greggles's picture

@kappaluppa - yes, I assume that we'll have a venue cost and a food cost at a minimum. The DrupalCamp Organizing Guide I linked at the top mentions why this is the best way to go.

@kscheirer - wonderful to hear! at this point we're letting people add proposed topics to the wiki. I've got my private list of ~10 topics I could present that I'm saving until we see more of what people want to learn :)

Open Prediction Markets | Drupal Dashboard

sponsor info

kappaluppa's picture

hi greg...

what i was trying to find out was if a company wants to be a sponsor, what do you think you are going to require from the sponsors?

Discussion listserv

laura s's picture

In the DrupalCamp we had last year in Boulder, we started up an email listserv to facilitate discussion: http://pingv.com/mailman/listinfo/drupal

There's been some modest activity today, but generally it's a very quiet list, for those who might like to subscribe.

pingVision, LLC (we're hiring)

Laura Scott
PINGV | Strategy • Design • Drupal Development

So, if interested to come -

ztyx's picture

So, if interested to come - is signing up on the mailing list the way to go?

We are working on a solution

cyberswat's picture

We are working on a solution for registration and logo submissions ... more details extremely soon.

We now have a website in

cyberswat's picture

We now have a website in place for users to register with ... http://drupalcampcolorado.org/ will serve as the focal point for registrations and sponsors. It's a bit thin on content right now but more will be coming.

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