Updates Not Working When Drupal is Configured in Subdirectory

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I'm currently redirecting the home page of my site to the Drupal (7) site that I have set up in a subdirectory of my root. It appears that this configuration makes it difficult to run updates from the administrator UI (as opposed to manually updating via my CPanel file manager). I'm not terribly familiar with this kind of in-depth site configuration trouble shooting... Does anyone have suggestions as to what files (if any) need to be adjusted to allow Drupal to run as if it were in the root directory (thus avoiding problems like this in general). I would assume that it could be fixed relatively easily by modifying the general file path, but I wouldn't know where to start with that.


Could you be more clear on

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Could you be more clear on what's not working? Define "running updates." My first thought is the update.php script, but that shouldn't have anything to do with the CPanel file manager… Do you mean updating modules, possibly?

At the hosting level, you

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At the hosting level, you want to configure the web server to serve the drupal root directory for your domain. This way you avoid the need to redirect anything. Your web host will have help on how to do that.

Alternately, just 'promote' all the stuff that's in the drupal directory to your root directory. So take all the stuff in the drupal/ directory and move it up into the root directory. Be sure and include the .htaccess file. Clearly this will interfere with whatever's already in that directory. Really the best solution is to learn to configure your web server to serve the drupal/ directory.