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Multisite installation (subdirectory url)

I have two existing live sites running drupal 7 ( and --> /en automatically selected for english language) and I want to unite them with subdirectory urls with seperate databases. I am following Drupal documentation for installing multi-site#subdirectory. In order to make the symbolic link I need to have ssh access to the server to run the commands. But my hosting service informed me that I am not allowed to remote access. Does anyone know if there is any alternative?

Thanks for the help!

Up to this point the steps I followed:

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How to Create a Subdirectory of a Larger Domain?

We are currently developing a Drupal community site and want to make it a subdirectory of our corporate website. We are running IIS 7.5/MS SQL Server.

Does anyone have any experience on how to make this work?

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wildcard setup for subdirectories

I am not sure if we'd pursue with multisite installation, but at the moment we have one site which supports multiple language like:

There seems to be a translation bug/error while using this setup, so, we are thinking about using it as subdomain (might be multisite) like:

But again, we'd also have some other feature not directly related with main site (only the user information) like:

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Setting Clean URL's with SSL (https) for the backend and http for the front end when Drupal is in a subdirectory/ subdomain?

After reading various documentation on the subject I figured out how to possibly do this. I started a write up in the documentation, and placed it under technical review. Are there people with knowledge on the subject who want to take a look at it? This to ensure that there are no mistakes.

The url is:

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Drupal 7 multi-site subdirectory wrong site

I'm working on a Drupal 7 multi-site setup. I have the following: <- default site <- site1 <- site2

I've created the appropriate folders in my sites folder, copied the default.settings.php file to each folder as settings.php and setup the new site.

When I visit i get the default site, when I visit i get that sites home page. However when I visit I get a not found message from my default site.

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Updates Not Working When Drupal is Configured in Subdirectory

I'm currently redirecting the home page of my site to the Drupal (7) site that I have set up in a subdirectory of my root. It appears that this configuration makes it difficult to run updates from the administrator UI (as opposed to manually updating via my CPanel file manager). I'm not terribly familiar with this kind of in-depth site configuration trouble shooting... Does anyone have suggestions as to what files (if any) need to be adjusted to allow Drupal to run as if it were in the root directory (thus avoiding problems like this in general).

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Redirecting subdirectory into root, and all pages therein

Hey there everyone,

So for a while there I was placing all of my drupal content in a subdirectory, and redirecting all my visitors to the subdirectory. I've come to discover through working with some people who do a lot of SEO work that it's not a good idea to go doing that. So, I moved everything to the root directory from the subdirectory, did abunch of other stuff for SEO, and now I want to redirect everything from the old sub directory back to the root directory.

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