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Hello and welcome.

I'm running several sites using Drupal's multisite feature, and noticed the absence of a group to discuss the various issues and how-tos related to doing this. If anyone has any questions about the basics, I can probably answer them. I'd also like to see some tutorials about more advanced stuff like sharing database tables.

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Multisite installation (subdirectory url)

I have two existing live sites running drupal 7 ( and --> /en automatically selected for english language) and I want to unite them with subdirectory urls with seperate databases. I am following Drupal documentation for installing multi-site#subdirectory. In order to make the symbolic link I need to have ssh access to the server to run the commands. But my hosting service informed me that I am not allowed to remote access. Does anyone know if there is any alternative?

Thanks for the help!

Up to this point the steps I followed:

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Remove one site from multisite setup after build from start


I am maintiaing a multisite setup in Drupal 6. One of the sites in this setup is built in Drupal 7 from start and all content has been migrated in new site.

Now I want to point the site to new Drupal 7 site instead of old one. Drupal 7 setup is not in multisite. How can I do this? Can I just change document root on server ? Will changing that has any impact on other sites? All sites have different vhost files.


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Redirecting a multisite site to a different domain/subfolder

Is it possible to setup a multisite implementation (either subdomain or subfolder) and then use some sort of redirect to have that content displayed under a different domain name / folder? It's been suggested that I might be able to use .htaccess to do that, but I'm wondering if anybody has any experience in how that might work.

Specifically, I want to build a microsite on or But my client's site is and they want to access the content from Is this feasible for multisite installations?

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Principal Drupal Architect | Tesla Motors Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

About Tesla

Tesla’s goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. California-based Tesla designs and manufactures EVs, as well as EV powertrain components for partners such as Toyota and Daimler. Model S is the world’s first premium sedan to be engineered from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Model S was named Motor Trend’s prestigious 2013 Car of the Year, achieved the best safety score of any car ever tested by the NHTSA, and Consumer Reports is calling it the best car it has ever tested.

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Updating Drupal 7 Core with Multisite Setup

I've got to update Drupal 7 core 7.14 to 7.28 for my multisite implementation. I'm currently running about 30 or so sites with a shared code base. I've read the Core Update and the process seems pretty straightforward if I'm doing a single site update. But I've got a few questions for multisite updates:

-- I'm supposed to put my site in 'maintenance' mode prior to copying in the new code base. Does that mean that I have to place each of my 30+ sites in maintenance mode prior to applying the update or is that only required when I run the update.php script for each site?

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Setting up a new site under multisite and building it PRIOR to changing the DNS listing for the previous version of the site

Hello All,

There is probably a very simple answer to this that I am overlooking; but here goes.

I have taken over managing an existing live site ( and need to start working on its replacement.

I've started a hosting account at Arvixe and setup Drupal at a 'dummy' domain and have configured and gotten multisite up and running. A second domain is already running in multisite under that dummy domain.

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ELMSLN packaged via Vagrant for easy spin up and try out

If you don't need to know how to setup vagrant and want to play:

This screencast is a series of 4 videos (for now, will be more in the future potentially) that show how to get ELMSLN up and running with Vagrant. This is the easiest way to setup this system as other methods require knowledge of bash scripting and a clean server to deploy against.

If you don't know what ELMSLN is check out

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"Why Drupal Multisite Is Not Enterprise Grade" - Pantheon introduces new multi-site product

The folks at Pantheon recently posted an article listing their grievances with multi-sites (I presume they're referring to the standard core approach), then pitch a new product they're offering to address them called Pantheon One. The best I can tell from the details in the article, it involves spinning up a separate container or jail for each site (like a VM, but with a shared OS; only the user-level processes and disk regions are separated), though I might be mistaken.

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Multisite XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt files

I run a number of sites through a Drupal multisite setup, using different subfolders, different subdomains and different domain names off of the same code base. In some cases, I own the domain names and in other cases I'm hosting a subdomain for a domain that my customer owns.

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Creating copy of Site in Multisite

I am planning to starting using multisite on my server and I had a quick question for the group. I have over 200 modules enabled on my exiting site, as well as various content types, etc. I will need almost all of this functionality for my new site so I am thinking of replicating my existing db into a newly named db using phpMyAdmin. Once it is running, I was thinking I could simply delete the old content (users, added content, etc) using Views Bulk Operations.

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APC + File cache + DB cache bin best practices

I was hoping maybe some one had an article or could give me some feedback on the following settings.php configuration that I'm currently using to push Drupal 7 cache bins to APC user cache and the file system via the File Cache module. Best performance numbers I got was APC for everything but that obviously has some issues with fragmentation of the smaller cached values. Some context of what I'm also using for performance
-- Display Cache
-- Entity cache

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Multisite with shared content

I have a requirement to create a main site and sub-sites.For ex: Main site should be having content types news,video,gallery,slideshow.
Sub-sites should be having same content types news,video,gallery,slideshow.

I want to relate/reference the main site news with sub-site news,video,gallery,slideshow or sub-site1 news to be relate/reference with sub-site2 news,video,gallery,slideshow.

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Using DSLM as an alternative to core Multi-site

I just wanted to point to this write up and screencast I did here about migrating from multiple multi-sites to a DSLM ( based method of structuring Drupal core / contrib / install profiles. I had been looking for a solution like this for some time and have been very happy with it thus far both as a developer as well as server performance.

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Clearing cache across all sites through UI?

Hi, I'm a web developer for a university which runs a multisite setup on Drupal 7 Acquia Cloud. All the sites have the same basic codebase and even look and feel, but with slight tweaks, different menus, content, etc.

We have an emergency notification view that's on every page, that displays when we create an emergency notification node on one particular site using Feeds XML Backend.

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Domain access and Multsite

Did anyone created a site using Multisite and Domain access together?

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Multisite-common user base

I am looking for a solution for Multisite with common user base (not roles).

       Number of sub-sites -Around 75
       Number of roles ranging from 50-150 per site

right now I am sharing user tables.Traffic expected to this site is around 4/sec.Content is coming all different sources.

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Open Atrium-2- Platform on Barracuda Aegir.


I have searched for instructions to create a platform and profile of Open Atrium 2 on my Barracuda Aegir (BOA) hosting environment but no luck.

Is there any makefile available for this purpose of OA2 platform.
Or some instructions I can follow to create OA2 platform from scratch.

I know OA1 platform is already provided by default when I installed my hosting platform. But I am interested to launch my site on OA2 instead.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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Drupal 7 Multisite - Infinite recursion [symlinks]

I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to solve a problem I've been experiencing with a Drupal 7 multisite installation. I've searched frantically over the last while and I was hoping that perhaps someone has solved the issue I'm having. I found some very relevant discussions and information and there does not appear to be any solution contained in them.

See the following:

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Errors trying to set up multisite

I am using Drupal as a multisite installation. I am able to setup and create multiple sites using the sites.php file and creating the necessary subdirectory.

What isn't working is using the default setup for multiple domains. What I want to do is point all of my domains at the Drupal installation and have them all load as the default site until I develop each individual site. When I do that the home page loads but if I click any links I get an internal server error.

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Drupal Theme Designer | Graphic Designer | PSi

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are building a team to offer mobile web design and application development to select industries such as restaurant, automotive, small business, entertainment, services-based businesses and eCommerce.

Specifically we would like to design and develop some custom themes for our demo sites which we can sell to multiple clients with a bit of customization.

We also need a designer that can offer original, creative designs for our clients that pay extra for design services.

Here are some skills we are looking for:
Web Graphics Design
Responsive Web Design
Drupal 7/8 Theme Design

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