Drupalcamp Utah in summer 2011?

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Hey folks,

I've been chatting with Jason Hill a bit about this and he encouraged me to post here. I'd like to encourage the Utah group to have a Drupalcamp this summer.

If you don't already know, the goal of Drupalcamps is twofold: first it provides a learning opportunity for people new to Drupal and second it provides a place where experienced Drupallers can meet in person to share ideas.

I've got a few folks I know from Colorado who are excited to drive over and help give presentations. I've got verbal agreement to attend and present from Randy Fay, Lindsay Ogden, Brad Bowman, Matt Kleve, John Fiala and, of course, me. That should potentially provide sessions on Git, Ahah, Examples module, Theming, Favorite Modules, Image handling, Fields in Drupal 7, Security, and SEO.

The main things you'll need are
1. someone local and willing to help organize
2. some venue for the camp.

I think a target of 50 people is a reasonable number. Some candidate spaces would be college campuses or libraries.

Sponsors, food, and everything else is secondary to getting a space to hold the camp and is usually easy to get once a venue is together.

So, what do you think? Is there interest in a Utah camp? Does someone have access to a venue that will hold 50 people?


I'm very interested but I

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I'm very interested but I live in Cedar City which is about 4 hours from SLC so I can't really get a venue up there. I could probably be able to pull something together down here but I would assume we would want to do it up north.

I too am interested in

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I too am interested in something like this. Perhaps SLCC's Miller Campus would work?

SLCC Sandy UT Miller Campus

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That has been a good venue for the Utah Open Source Conference in years past. I don't live in Utah, somewhat farther north and to west, but still not an unreasonable drive. The UTOSC has been in October but I would think a summer event would work there as well. There are several nice hotels close by which would be great for the out-of-towners. I stayed in the Resident Inn for UTOSC (they gave us a special rate) and it was very very nice.


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That's specifically why I thought of that campus. Plus I've worked with two other organizations that have used there large meeting rooms for events and it has worked out really well. From what I understand the pricing isn't terrible either... it's not cheap but they aren't overcharging either.

Budget Considerations

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Be nice if someone had an affiliation with an educational institution like U of Phoenix where even a student can sponsor a meeting and get the use the facilities at no cost. One would like to get to break even number on costs versus revenues (registration fees). An attendance number of 50 or so is not favorable to drawing corporate sponsorships.

First, I'm excited to see the

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First, I'm excited to see the discussion going here already.

Second, I wouldn't worry too much about sponsorship just yet. As you say, let's find the venue first since that will dictate a large part of what we can and can't do.

I'll bet that when the time comes we will be able to find sponsors to keep the registration fee reasonable.


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I appreciate the opportunity to consider something like this, but I think I'm a bit confused. It is easy to understand what this is, but for me it would be helpful to get more of an explanation as to why the suggestion is being made to this regional group. It feels rather random.

Thanks in advance, and I'll look at this further as my schedule permits in the weeks ahead.

  • Matt

I think camps are a great

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I think camps are a great event for a community. They help build a sense of common goals that you don't get from a periodic meetup or just having a group on groups.drupal.org. My hope is that a camp would increase the users of Drupal in Utah which is helpful to all of us in a variety of ways.

I'm making the suggestion even though I don't live in Utah to try and kickstart the process. My sense is that often a meetup or a camp can come together and people really like it, but they won't put the idea out there for some reason.

If there isn't support for a camp locally then that's fine as well.

I'd come and do all that I

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I'd come and do all that I can to support the event.


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I realize this is still very early planning stages and that you are only looking at the venue right now, but while you are considering venues, please also consider the timing of the DrupalCamp. Obviously, if Greg and other folks from Colorado are coming over, you won't be doing it on the weekend of June 11 and 12, but also please consider DrupalCamp LA, which is traditionally the first or second weekend of August. If I am to encourage people from Las Vegas to come to Salt Lake, it will help if it isn't on top of another DrupalCamp. I don't know if there are any camps happening to the North of SLC that might need to be considered.

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I would love to get together and do a DrupalCamp Utah 2011 possibly even a summer and and winter one. Drupal is constantly evolving and everyday I learn new things I know others would find helpful. I could think of courses to already. I would even be willing to present on any of these topics.

Intro To Drupal 7

Whats new in Drupal 7 what's changed from 6, and how you can get a basic site using Drupal 7 in a matter of a Day.

Drupal 7 and E-commerce Leveraging Drupal for the best E-commerce Solution:

Using Commerce Guy's new Drupal 7 platform for E-commerce Drupal Commerce.

Solr Search Functionality on Drupal 7 Using Search API:

Showing people how to setup and configure their searches including faceted searches using the Drupal 7 Search API Module and Search API SOLR

GIT and Drupal.org What Git is and why you should be using it:

A brief overview of GIT and how you can start using it to commit your own code back to Drupal.org

Omega Theme System:

The strongest base theme by far working on Drupal 6 and 7. How you can use it to create themes and layouts in fraction of the time used during conventional theming methods.


How you can easily create Teasers, Galleries, Layout Views without custom views--.tpl.php. Other Tips and Tricks using Views.


How you can use panels to layout your pages... Good Bye page-front.tpl.php, node-1.tpl.php... Or any other systematic template names using conventional methods.

SQL Basics

Drupal is ran off of SQL database systems you should know how to basics of SQL if you are going to be doing anything serious with Drupal.

Advanced Drupal 7, Entities, Nodes and Workflows

How to bring it all together to create web applications you never thought possible using Drupal.


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Thanks for the offer to teach.

In order to have a venue for teachers we need someone (probably local) to identify and evaluate vendors. Could you help with that?


I will check it out

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Not a problem. I'm new to the whole idea of a DrupalCamp how do they generally work? Just so I know what I need to find.

present at next dug

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@backwardgraphics how about presenting at the next DUG?

For Sure

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I would love to. Are we still planning on that code sprint?

utos connection

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Might be good to chat up Clint at UTOS for suggestions of venue. He has experience organizing events (UTOSCs, hackathons, user group meetings) and is committed to helping spread open source in UT.

University of Utah Drupal Users?

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I have a good friend who is chairman of the Chemistry department at University of Utah. I reached out to him to see about getting some space. From the email exchange going on, it sounds like it would help if we had some campus Drupal users to name drop.

Any users on campus I can mention?


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I'm pretty new around here and my organization is not really setup for large presentations. I know some good contacts in Provo at BYU. They have a drupal group on campus even. That is a little out of the way for the intended location but let me know if we want to look further south.

Tyler Smith

Go for it!

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Having a venue in a less desirable city is better than no venue at all ;)

From my perspective Provo is equally as good as Salt Lake so I think it makes a ton of sense to use the city where there are facilities.

Thanks for offering your help.

Well then ...

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I can see how that makes sense. I will look into it a little more as an alternative. If it does become a need let me know and I will do what I can to get it setup.

Tyler Smith

Salt Lake City Library

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The Salt Lake City Library would be an excellent venue in a central location. Mountain West RubyConf is held there every year.

See http://www.slcpl.lib.ut.us/email_form.jsp?parent_id=10&page_id=80

About the Library

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For those who want the quick version on the library story:

If the event is kept open to the public (no registration fee) then the rooms are free but catering or selling of goods is not allowed (I don't know if that is even a concern). If it is closed the fees are pretty reasonable ($50 - $300 per day). There is a 10% discount when using more than one room. I was unable to determine the size of the various rooms for comparison and more specific estimates. Catering, if done, has to be from certain locations. I know two of them and they are pretty good. There is an additional fee if we do have catering (for clean up). It depends on what is served and ranges from $50 - $150 for 50 people ($25 - $100 if we are less than 50). Projectors are $20 per room ($50 for the atrium).

I admit that these are their public numbers and might not accurately portray the costs we will have for it. In summary it would be about $200-$250 for the rooms and equipment. An additional $75 - $150 would be required to cater lunch at the location plus whatever lunch costs (if we can't get it donated).

Tyler Smith


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I contacted the BYU Drupal community (they use the BYU community system and not the Drupal one currently) and they showed an interest in hosting the event. Their campus is pretty busy in the summer and so the earlier we could know for sure and schedule the better. I asked Sherwin, the lead of the local group, to join us here (hopefully we will hear from him before too long). Though BYU is not all on Drupal departments and colleges have been adopting it. The community is growing very well.

I, as with many of you up here in Salt Lake, would prefer that it were up here local but better to have it than not, right?

Sherwin has never been involved in a DrupalCamp so I sent him a link to the planning document on drupal.org to get an idea of the goals of the camp and what it is. Do we have any idea about a timeframe yet?

It really seems like we should try to get some deadlines for planning stages. By when do we want a location, by when do we have a solid date, etc. Just my thoughts as I have reached out to my own organization and to others that might be able to house the camp.

Tyler Smith

WebWise Sponsorship

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Hi guys,

WebWise would be happy to kick in some sponsorship dollars.

Contact me directly if you're interested.



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I'm sure wherever it happens the help will be appreciated.

Tyler Smith

BYU would be happy to host

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We would love to host the DrupalCamp but it just depends on availability of rooms on campus. Summer has a lot fewer classes but they also do a lot of camps and things during the summer. If we could decide on a date, I can start the request for rooms. How many could we hope to have? I am sure we would have 20-40 just from campus.


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After some conversation with my employer, WGU, they have expressed a definite interest in hosting or sponsoring some money for the camp. Our offices are located in Salt Lake City at 4001 South and 700 East. We are currently in the process of building a brand new conference room that I'm told would easily hold 50 people.

Tyler Smith

Either this option or the BYU

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Either this option or the BYU option sounds great to me.

@tjsmith - what day would the conference space be open?

@sher1 - the camp dates can be flexible as long as you avoid other, already announced camp dates. June 11 is Drupalcamp Colorado, July 22 is Drupalcamp DC, LA is usually in August or later, so ask the school when they can be open on a weekend that is not one of those dates. I guess a weekend in late June would be a good time as long as its not Father's day.

Shared Enthusiasm

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I would also really like either option: my alma mater or my current job. Is there a central planning group for this event or is it just the community and whoever doesn't lower their hand fast enough? Either way, I would like to help. If it is here at WGU I know I will be doing that. If it is at BYU, Sherwin, I would still like to help out however you see best.

I asked when the conference room would be complete and it will be finished no later that June 1st. So we could use it just about anytime this summer. As it is new, there is no schedule for it that I'm aware of yet.

Tyler Smith

We are good with either way too

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Actually most Saturdays are pretty wide open. Sundays are unavailable. I was kind of thinking during the week but Saturdays would be fine. I would think with what appears to be a majority of those in the Drupal User Group (at least those following this thread) in Salt Lake, the WGU campus would probably be the best. We can still work it out down here but I would be willing to go up there for the meeting. We can make either way work. I am not rescinding my offer so if it makes more sense to do it down here, let's do it.

Good options

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It sounds like we have two good options. I think for the entire Utah Drupal community, BYU is probably more of a central location, a little further to drive for Davis County guys like me, but not as far for any Southern Utah drupalers. Also, it sounds like BYU has a great Drupal community, so it would be great to build off that.

Couple questions:
- do we have wifi and power available for laptops at both locations? At BYU, can we get wifi for non-students?
- can we bring food in to both locations, if we choose to order pizza or have snacks?

I'd guess parking is difficult at both locations, but probably easier at BYU in the Summer.


BYUs options

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So from the BYU perspective,
They finally (well last year) worked out the public wi-fi thing so it is available to everyone. Power is always an issue but depending on the rooms and the availability of power strips, we should be covered. Food is not allowed in some rooms but there are always rooms close by that allow food. Parking would also be reasonable depending on the building we end up in. What do we think would be the max amount of people coming? I will look at rooms and see what is available in the size we need.

what is the utah drupal community

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+1 for SLC location

Do we actually know (via poll or some other measure) percentage of active Drupal community members by region in Utah? Best guess is, we have more Davis county Drupalers than say San Pete/Sevier/Washington county Drupalers. If we have one "southern" Drupaler and 10 "northern", it would be silly to decide the location for that one person that may or may not attend.

A few lingering questions come up:

  • What's the audience for the Utah DrupalCamp? A mix of first-timers, advanced users, developers, contractors, companies? Or simply anyone and everyone?
  • Not to sound critical or negative toward a Utah DrupalCamp, but if we have problems attracting folks to a semi-regular sometimes bi-monthly DUG, what is the incentive for anyone to travel to a DrupalCamp? "Build it and they will come" is suspect.

That being said, a Utah DrupalCamp could be a good catalyst to help improve our Drupal community and get more quality, active members. We (dharmatech) can help with planning, sponsorship, a presentation or two or three.

Camps draw more than meetups

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The Denver group's meetup's average 20-30 people.

I'm pretty sure last year's camp had about 300 people.

People will attend the camp who generally won't bother with the meetup.

Of course, YMMV

+1 for BYU.

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+1 for BYU.

Looking forward to attending

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Looking forward to attending :)

Answers to Questions

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Repeating what I said before I love both options and would be willing to go to either.

That said, Western Governors University is not your standard university. We are almost entirely online and so the building we would be in is more a office building than a campus. There is plenty of parking, especially on the weekends. Even if it was a two day Friday and Saturday I'm sure we would be fine (the parking lots are surprisingly empty on Fridays). We have food in the conference rooms all the time so that would not be an issue. The main room we would be using is still being renovated so I can't speak to the power issue. I know that many of our smaller conference rooms do have large surge protector strips, especially the IT conference rooms. If there is not one in the rooms we are using I could probably get one moved/shared.

We host a lot of vendors and presenters so there is already wifi in the building. It is a secured network but the code is posted in every conference room. As for its strength, I still get a good wifi connection sitting on the steps outside the building, so that will not be a problem.

Please keep any questions coming. I want to make sure we get the best location we can for the event. Though I am exited about the prospect of doing it at WGU I want to make sure that it will be a good fit as well.

Like Sherwin I too am curious about expected numbers. I know Greg said 50 early on. Do we have anything more concrete or is it going to be like that early DrupalCon where suddenly they needed twice as much space?

Tyler Smith

I vote for the WGU location

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I also work at WGU, as an IT Project Coordinator. If this is held at WGU I will attend and help with arrangements.

Thanks for your support

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Thanks, Rob for your support. If we do it at WGU I will make sure you get included in the planning conversations with the University.

Tyler Smith

I created a poll to get a

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I created a poll to get a better feel for DrupalCamp UT attendance.


Please take the 10 seconds to go there and let us know if you'd like to come. This is not a commitment, just whether you'd like to attend.

I'd also suggest that we schedule the camp on Friday, maybe with some advanced sessions / code sprints on Saturday. Maybe June 24-25th? What are the thoughts on that?


Open to ideas

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I'm open to just about anything as far as scheduling, as long as others are in agreement.

I like the idea of discussing a few specific dates and choosing the one that works best for the largest number of people and the venue. Let's have June 24-25 (if it is a two day event) be considered the first option. If anyone knows of a conflict with another camp/drupal event please speak up. Any alternative are welcome but let's not get too many (if date is important to you, now is the time to speak up).

It really seems like we need to organize a planning committee or assign some roles to empower decisions in the matter. I love the community sharing all their ideas and such but there has to be a body that is processing and making decisions on the ideas of the group.

Tyler Smith

June Dates

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The June dates (17-18 and 24-25), will be just after school lets out, and tough on me, as family activities will get in the way. Any other dates would be preferable.

Any Suggestions? Just make

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Any Suggestions? Just make sure they do not overlap the Colorado or LA DrupalCamps

Any other dates, before or

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Any other dates, before or after, are fine. Those are the first two weekends after school gets out, and the event coordinator is going to have me booked :)

new suggested dates

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How about June 3-4 or July 8-9?

I would prefer June 3-4

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I would prefer June 3-4 because it is before the kids are out of school, but either works.

Wiki page

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Here's a wiki page for planning this. Much easier to keep track of, and I don't get as many emails... :)



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Though a wiki page does have those benefits it fails to let you know who is talking with the edits that are presented. As we are flushing out ideas I think this medium is better but any decisions ought to be moved back to the wiki page.

Tyler Smith


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Any chance that there will be a CiviCRM session?


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We would be happy to present one or more CiviCRM sessions. We've been actively deploying, developing, customizing since 2007.

I'd love a basic intro to

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I'd love a basic intro to best practices in CiviCRM, along with an advanced one.

Andrew (amariotti)

In general, I think that

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In general, I think that either location works. I will say that we would most likely get a better turn out if it was hosted on BYU Campus. That's hard for me to say, because I am another Davis County-er and don't look forward to the long drive. If it gets more people in seats then the better. We've always kind of considered the northern utah (Salt Lake and north) as our own group and BYU as another. Things have worked out ok for meetups, but we're not nearly as strong. I'd love to see us make it happen down at BYU because of the potential space and for the amount of Drupal users down there. Great chance to collaborate.

That being said, if the WGU location seems to work out better then it sounds like it will be a good backup plan if things don't work out in BYU. Either way, this is very exciting to see this coming together. I'd love to do what I can to get things organized, so let's settle on a place and start moving forward with the rest. June will be here before we know it! :)

P.S. Another idea would be for carpooling since I think a lot of people are struggling with the long drives from north to south and vice-versa. Car pooling should be planned regardless.

Andrew (amariotti)

The Smaller Communities

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I feel that both WGU and BYU are good examples of communities (companies) that are in the process of adopting drupal more fully into their organization. Either would benefit greatly from hosting the camp. It is my opinion that the BYU community would benefit more than the WGU one because they are further in the process but still needing a little extra push. WGU needs a very strong push and needed it about 6 months ago to completely adopt drupal. Personally it would make my life easier to have it at WGU but I am willing to see beyond that to what would be best for the growing drupal communities.

I, like amaroitti, feel that there would be a benefit to uniting the northern and "less-northern" Utah drupal communities. I guess not completely united buy at least working together for a united camp that we can sustain for the coming years. I think it is important that we start a united tradition now around the camp.

Tyler Smith

Meetup next week

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Those interested in getting involved, please come to the meetup next week: http://groups.drupal.org/node/140234. I've added DrupalCamp Utah discussion to the agenda.

Digitaria helped organize SandCamp -- San Diego's DrupalCamp. We helped plan with planning, designing/building the site (http://2011.sandcamp.org/), and also had several speakers at the event. We're interested in getting involved in this camp as well!

Did anything ever come of this?

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Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anything ever came of this meeting proposal? Thanks.

We had a small DrupalCamp

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It was almost two months ago and not the best planned but we are starting conversations about doing a more organized camp next year. We are currently just starting to gather leadership and volunteers to help organize. If you look at the notes from the August Meetup (http://groups.drupal.org/node/164759) or the Drupal Camp Utah Organizing Committee discussion (http://groups.drupal.org/node/169009) to get more information or involved in the planning. Thanks.

Tyler Smith