Mini Research Project - Module Maintainers (Participants please!)

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I'm really pleased that we're starting to see some divergent use cases starting to emerge as we explore this topic further - the whole big challenge that we've got here is different people using the issue queue (or not using it), issue pages and product pages in different ways and we need to create an environment that better supports a wider range of needs.

Clearly I've got a pretty good handle on the 'the issue queue is totally overwhelming and intimidating, I'm not a coder but I have value to add beyond adding bug notes and feature requests, but I can't find a way to get started or to work productively here' angle totally down I think. What I don't have a good enough appreciation of is some of the other key usage scenarios, and one that I'm hearing a lot of at the moment is the Module Maintainer perspective.

So, putting on my UX Consultant hat (when is it ever off!), I'd like to do a quick research project and conduct some interviews, preferably talking via Skype or phone but via text (IRC/IM/Email) if you prefer with half a dozen module maintainers in the next week.

The interview will take about 30mins, it would be great if we could screenshare so you can show me your set up and talk me through screens as we chat, I'm based in London so timezones can be a bit annoying but I'm flexible.

Can you help me get a list of people who would like to participate (this might be you) or who you think I should definitely talk to?


I'm not one of the most

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I'm not one of the most prolific maintainers, so I probably don't have as much to say as some, but if you're looking for volunteers, I'd be happy to help.

Hi I'd be happy to help. (And

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I'd be happy to help.
(And in the UK too so no time zone problems.)

I'm in US Central timezone,

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I'm in US Central timezone, but I'd be more than happy to help. I have some pretty specific ideas about things that I think could make maintaining my modules a bit more reasonable, and informative for end users, so I'd definitely love to get involved here.

I'm on irc almost full time so... finding me should be easy.

As a maintainer stretched

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As a maintainer stretched between lots of different projects, I'd like to help.

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I'm glad you volunteered,

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I'm glad you volunteered, Dave. I really wanted to see at least one person mentioned in this post in the group.

Sign me up

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I'd love to talk, and I'm in CET which will make things easier for you.

What time Monday?

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thanks to everyone who has volunteered to participate! This will really help head me in the right direction.

I wonder if I can grab 30mins of your time on Monday?
As mentioned before, I'm on GMT+1 and available between about 10.15am - 5.30pm and then again from 8pm - 10pmish.

if you're available to chat at any of these times on Monday can you let me know a time that works best for you?


leisa reichelt -

Anytime Monday

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I'm also in GMT+1 and earlier is better. 10:30 am? I'm heyrocker on skype.


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I'm interested but hard for me to guarantee a 30 minute time slot, especially one compatible with UK time. :( If you get to a point where you have a survey or something that can be done on my own time, I'd be happy to help. :)


Eliza411 already wrote up a

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Eliza411 already wrote up a nice bit on her maintainer POV here:

Looking at who's responded in here so far, I would encourage especially new and intermediate maintainers to sign up in here :-)

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Yoroy, you make a good point, and since I've been reviewing some of the new project applications for people who wish their sandbox repo code to be turned into a project repo, I see a repetitive theme there as well and I wonder if we might be able to somehow reach out to all of the just-approved project maintainers at once in order to get their 'brand new' opinions? (Is that even possible?)

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I can help out on the low end

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I can help out on the low end of the spectrum I maybe touch a project couple of times a year. So basically I go through all the manuals each time. I'm in Europe so finding a time shouldn't be hard. Let me know.

next monday!

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hi everyone - sorry, I've been totally swamped by other work and haven't had a chance to move forward with these interviews but I'm going to try to grab as many of you as I can on Monday 18th! look forward to talking to you about this soon!

leisa reichelt -

I'm on holiday next week and

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I'm on holiday next week and not usually free Mondays... feel free to ping me on IRC and arrange something :)

Would love to chat

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Looks like you have a lot of heavy users already volunteering, and my experience in the queues will be pretty similar to someone like Dave Reid (I love that eliza411 linked to the duplicate issues post I wrote). :) But, I'd be happy to chat and show you my way around if that was helpful to you. I can't make it on Monday the 18th, but Wed-Fri that week or another Monday could work fine. The earliest I could reliably do it would be 4pm UTC, and the later in the evening you're willing to do it, the better for me (I'm on PDT in Oakland, CA).