Build a mentored training in Denver?

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I'm interested in doing this in Denver:

I did it in BADCamp and it worked really well. I think we'd need 5 or more mentors, ideally with diverse skills so we can help with a variety of questions. If you're willing to volunteer as a mentor, please leave a comment here.

If we get enough volunteers, we'll then need to pick a date and find a location with a good enough internet connection to handle 50 video streams. After that, takes care of the actual training and we just answer any questions that come up. Between holiday travels and DrupalCon Denver, it would probably need to be in January or early February.

I'm volunteering to organize this because I'd like to see it happen. But I'd much prefer to see it happen with someone else organizing it, as I have a bad habit of over-committing myself, so if anyone is interested in organizing in addition to mentoring, please speak up.


Signup here:


This is awesome, thank you

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This is awesome, thank you Scott! If you or anyone else needs anything, please let me know.

Chris Shattuck

Chris Shattuck
Learn Drupal with over 1700 Drupal video tutorials


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This is awesome. Depending on the date, I'd gladly show up to help answer questions. This sounds like a great event and I'm sure a lot of people would get value from it. Looking forward to it!

-- matt tucker

I'd love to help out, I heard

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I'd love to help out, I heard nothing but good things from the BADCamp mentors.

Count me in...

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I'd be interested in helping too.

I'm on board!

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I'm a big fan of the content and would be happy to participate as a mentor.

Me too!

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I'd love to help out again.

Locations & Students

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So we have mentors. Yay! All we need now is a location, a date, and some students.

I'm working on finding a location that can handle up to 50 people, all streaming video online. If anyone has suggestions, please share. I'm thinking the location availability will determine the date.

I haven't thought much yet about where to find people who want to learn about Drupal. Obviously we can promote this here on, but it would be good to also reach outside the Drupal community and get new people using Drupal. Please share any thoughts you have on good places to do that.

Location search

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FYI, I'm still looking for a good location for this. It's proving more difficult than I expected, and I'd love to hear ideas anyone else has.

Hi Scott, Just in case it

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Hi Scott,

Just in case it helps, here's a couple of suggestions:

  • Library meeting rooms: Usually free, usually with decent internet. Getting it for a whole day might be tricky, but it would be worth a shot.
  • Churches: Sometimes churches will loan out meeting rooms, sometimes for a small fee.
  • Hotels: Hotel meeting rooms charge a fee, but you could solicit some sponsorship to cover the costs, if you're interested. I was surprised at how affordable these were.
  • Aten Design Group's awesome offices: Just saying... ;-)


Chris Shattuck
Learn Drupal with over 1700 Drupal video tutorials

one more suggestion

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I've had a couple of nearly all day meetings in conference rooms at Panera ... no charge for nonprofits, and the coffee and food is pretty good, too.



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Volunteer mentors, are you still willing to do this if it's in Boulder rather than Denver? Some of you live in Boulder, so I'm sure that's better for you, but I want to make sure we'd still have enough people before we settle on a location in Boulder.

Chris, thanks for the suggestions. I'm hoping to keep this free, but I'll expand my search to non-free locations if we can't find anywhere free.

Aten's office space is an option if nothing better turns up, but it's not great for larger groups. We'd probably need to split people between different rooms if we did it there.


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What about a local college? ( i don't know if any that might have an interest/connection with Drupal) This is certainly an educational event. There would probably be some graphic design/computer science students who would be looking to find out basic info about Drupal - I don't know if that would be a good thing or bad thing, though -

local colleges

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Here's what I know so far about local colleges:

  • The Auraria campus, where we've been doing DrupalCamp, isn't an option for this.
  • I'm still waiting to hear back about DU.
  • CU Boulder is a likely option, if we can get enough mentors in Boulder.

If anyone has any connections elsewhere, please ask them.

other locations

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I don't have a connection (anymore), but Regis University has both a "main" campus and various other locations scattered around ... including Interlocken at Broomfield Campus, just off 36, near the ORACLE (formerly StorageTech) campus and Front Range airport.

11001 W. 120th Avenue
Suite 150
Broomfield, CO 80021

Call their College of Professional Studies or their Computer Science department and see if they can help.

CU is a very likely option

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I am pretty sure we could get space in either CS or the ATLAS building, assuming you're all up for the short car/bus ride from Denver!

Location status

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I just heard back from DU and they're asking for $270. I'm still waiting to hear back from some churches, but I think ATLAS is looking like the best option. I've confirmed with most mentors that Boulder works, so I think we should go ahead and pursue that option.

nmcclain, do you want to handle reserving the ATLAS space, or should I contact someone? Feb 11 or 18 seem to work for most people, if one of those is an option.


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I will work to confirm we can use the ATLAS building at CU Boulder and will provide an update this week.

Still working to get ATLAS confirmation

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I'm sorry for the delay on this - I don't yet have approval but the emails are flying and I am optimistic about 2/18.


Hi folks, I'm excited to see

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Hi folks,

I'm excited to see progress on this! A couple of the first community-driven Mentored Trainings are happening this week, which is exciting. I've added some resource videos to either replace some of the live introduction (if that's appealing) or to help out the students who come in after the live intro. You can see them in the 'Appendix' collection on the home page.

On a different note, in addition to this event, I would like to get the word out to various Colorado schools about the DrupalCon training as well, and wanted to know if any of you had suggestions or could give me a quick introduction to the right people. I've added a modest Higher Education rebate to the training for those in that sector that are kind of on the fence.

I don't want to detract from the discussion, so feel free to e-mail me at or the g.d.o contact form:

Thank you!

Chris Shattuck
Learn Drupal with over 1700 Drupal video tutorials

interested as a student

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I'm new to Drupal and interested in learning about it. I'd probably sign up as a student, depending on when/where it is.

ATLAS Institute at CU confirmed for 2/18!!

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We're on for a mentored training day in Boulder -- PLEASE help us get the word out to potential mentors and students alike!!

Thanks to my colleague Terry we have confirmed classroom 1B31 is reserved for us on Feb. 18!

The room holds 40-45 people, and they were also kind enough to reserve two laptop carts (a total of 40 laptops) for us.

We'll have the room from 8-5, and will plan on getting started around 9:00 and taking a couple breaks throughout the day.

Classroom 1B31
ATLAS Institute
University of Colorado at Boulder
1125 18th Street, Ste 217
Boulder, CO 80309-0320


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This sounds great! Has pricing been set for students yet?

It's Free!!

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Stacey, will be donating access to their excellent videos, CU is donating the space (and loaner laptops for those that need them), and the mentors are donating their time. It's likely we'll also provide coffee and lunch, but no guarantees on that yet and the worst case is we can all walk to a nearby sandwich shop.

Hope you can make it!!!


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This sounds totally awesome!


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Signups will be open soon.

I think we'll probably do signups on Eventbrite, so we can set a limit. I just want to check with Chris first about his experience with signups before I put that up.


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Are you still looking for mentors for this? I used build a module when I started branching out into module development and its a really great resource. I'd love to be involved.


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We have enough mentors that we're not actively seeking more, but volunteers are still welcome.

Signups open!

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Sign up here:

The ticket is a donation, with all money going to support the local Drupalchix meetups. If you have money to donate, please do. If you're on a tight budget, you can still sign up for free.

Also, please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

Mentors, I hope I got everything right. If you'd like anything changed, let me know.

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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