Education Hub, India starting Drupal Training in Noida with Collaboration with EOT Infotech

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Education Hub, India in collaboration with EOT Infotech is providing the Industrial Training & Internship opportunity for the Freshers & IT Professional, to learn and work with high quality of trainer’s and complete the commercial projects for customers and clients.

The training will be about 4 Major concepts on Drupal

Course 5: Drupal - The content management system
Subject 17: Drupal Introduction
- Drupal What, Why, When, How ?
- Module, Concepts as why to use what and when
- 6 More topics
Subject 18: Drupal Module Development
- Understanding the flow to controllers
- Code review and build your own code
- 6 More topics
Subject 19: Drupal Theme Development
- Look and feel with appearance
- Integration of theme, sub theme, userbased theme and content based theme
- 6 More topics
Subject 20: Drupal SEO & 3rd Party Integration
- Concepts on “Auto SEO” & Generating revenue in “Auto Sales mode”
- Need of 3rd Party Integration for Data Transfer, User authentication etc
- 6 More topics

The training was targeted to 3 different sets of people
1. 0 - 1.5 Years of Drupal Experience Professionals
2. 1.5 - 4 Years of experience of Core Drupal Development
3. 2.5+ years of any other technology, different from Drupal and PHP

The location of the training will be in Noida, Delhi NCR

For more information email us at info @ education hub india . in.
We will be sharing a complete document of the courses and every day session, and open the opportunity to work with us.

Thanks for reading the content and wish you a enjoyable time ahead today.
Education Hub, India & EOT Infotech Team

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