Logging is as admin - page not found

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I recently installed openpublish - because I'm on shared hosting I had to install locally first and then transfer everything over to my hosting area including the database. When I installed locally I installed it to localhost/openpublish/ folder and then transferred to the root of my public_html folder.
Everything seems to be working fine except I cannot log in as admin, when I log in I get the following error message after log in:

Page not found
The requested page could not be found.

I am logged in as a user but the top left admin widget does not show.

Could it be because I installed into a subdirectory locally and then transferred to the root of my hosting account?

Any help much appreciated.


I managed to fix the problem

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I managed to fix the problem by editing my database with: "update system set status=0 where name='update'"
Now I can get into the admin area.


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please post these steps of how you updated your database, I have this error too and need a fix

Log in to your phpmyadmin,

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Log in to your phpmyadmin, click on database, select your OP database and then navigate to 'sql' once there you need to enter the following in the text box:

update system set status=0 where name='update'

Then click go and it should be done.
I used this guide: http://sandalian.com/technical-stuffs/error-404-on-drupal-admin-section....

Openpublish Login Issue

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After installing and working in the admin dashboard. I logged out and now have no way of logging back in to the admin side. Users can't register.
How can this be resolved?

Have you

thank you

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Thank you ! no, I am a total newbie at this so I wouldn't have known to go to that link.

Can you tell me how to turn on the login box on the front page?


Adding Login to front page

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How do I add a login block on the front page via Admin Structure?


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I need to add a Register and Login block to the site.
I can't seem to find where to add it


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Maybe this could help
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It's your apache config. I run into this problem all the time on fresh apache installs. If you open your apache.conf or virtual host conf file you'll need to change AllowOverrides in your < Directory > from none to all for example.

Options Includes
AllowOverride All