Defining the Media Initiative

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What are the goals of the Media initiative?

Who is a member of the initiative?

While the active maintainers of the Media module are considered members, there is no "official" membership. Any person or company who is actively contributing to the Media module, related modules, or media handling in core should be considered a member of the initiative. We define actively contributing not just with code, but also helping with the issue queue support squad, testing and reviewing patches, being active with question or answers in #drupal-media on IRC, writing documentation, financial support, etc.

The initiative is currently lead by Dave Reid. The initiative lead is involved with coordinating meetings, discussion and road map, being a "benevolent decider" for the project, and helping promote the Media initiative through Drupal events and sessions.

What things is the initiative actively working on?


Chip in

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I would like to propose a chip in/something similar for us non coders to also contribute to the project. with 50000 plus sites using this module, mediagallery etc.... we should be able to get enough funds to get the programmers moving ahead with the project. what are your thoughts??

chip in

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I guess that's for or snowball initiative.


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