Netflix and OAuth connector problems

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I'm working on a site that requires oauth access to netflix. I want my users to be able to authenticate the Netflix connection when they sign up for the service. Then I can save the XML links to a database and use them on the server side.

I'm still wrapping my head around all of it. I'm trying to use the oauth connector module.

I understand the netflix side but I'm struggling with the implementation. I really don't understand what the oauth connector module is trying to do.

I don't know if they are compatible because the netflix side needs special information like application name. I'm also assuming that the exchanges of tokens and saving of the secret token is done behind the scenes in one of the modules.

I'm kinda in over my head and didn't know if anyone else has gone down this path before.

I really just need to run through the entire authentication process and generate the links

I need to make this Oauth call and save some of the returned data.

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