DrupalCamp LA 2012 (July 28-29)

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2012-07-28 08:00 - 2012-07-29 17:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Register Now for DrupalCamp LA 2012, the weekend of July 28-29, 2012: http://2012.DrupalCampLA.com

What is a DrupalCamp?

DrupalCamp LA is the annual FREE unconference-style Drupal training, founded in the style of BarCamp, for the Drupal community in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Greater Southern California Area.

We'll have a lot of very smart people in a small space who have all come with something to share and a desire to learn. Since this is a free event and on a weekend, we also get to welcome folks who can't usually take the time or money to go to commercial conferences - so it's a lot of fun with fresh faces. All levels from beginner to ninja are welcome, including from outside the SoCal region.

We set the stage, but all of you make this happen!

Since this is a free event and entirely volunteer run (and no, this is not our day job), we also expect active participation from everyone when it comes to running the conference. Please feel welcome to take an active role in making this a great event. We set the stage, but all of you make this happen!

Where's this going to be?

Only local images are allowed.DrupalCamp LA 2012 will be held in the conference center on the campus of the University of California, Irvine.

Current plans are to have five tracks with extra rooms on the side for community gatherings (BoFs) and code sprints. Large rooms seat 200+ people, smaller rooms up to 70, and BoF rooms hold 24 attendees with laptops. There is ample space in the conference center for lounging and discussions (with nearby outlets for laptop charging).

Sessions and Topics

In true BarCamp form, our sessions are proposed by community volunteers, so start thinking about what you'd like to present. We'll have an event website up soon where you can sign up, and post your sessions. We'd like to have a dedicated beginner track, so sessions for people new to Drupal are especially welcome.

Drupal after Dark

Only local images are allowed.We're planning a Drupal after Dark party on Saturday night at the Anthill Pub on campus.

How can I help?

This is a community-driven event, and participation from everyone is welcome. If you have new ideas for DrupalCamp LA, or comments about things you liked (or disliked) in prior years, let us know or join us: http://groups.drupal.org/node/214298

Hope to see you in July!


Thanks for the head's up

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Will you or someone else in your group please create an event so that it shows up on the g.d.o calendar? Thanks.

DrupalCamp LA showing on gdo calendar

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I changed the event type from Group Meeting to DrupalCamp, and it shows up now.

John Romine


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Will Design4Drupal LA 2012 still be happening as a separate event?

Drupal Design Camp LA and its

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Drupal Design Camp LA and its pre- and post-camp activities are still planned as a separate event. We're evaluating venues and have gone on a few site visits already: http://groups.drupal.org/node/196533

We've had a number of excellent offers for venues but one of our goals has always been to have a conference in or near the Downtown Los Angeles area. We've also been scoping out venues in Silicon Beach. This has made this year's DDCLA planning rather challenging since venue availability directly effects scheduling, hotel deals, etc.

At this point, unless a Downtown-y venue becomes available for DDCLA very soon, this year's conference date will slide into the Fall or Winter so that we can avoid competing with DrupalCamp LA speakers, attendees and sponsors.

Please note that I'm not the lead organizer of DDCLA this year and this update is a brief summary of our conversations to date.

Wonderful site

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The DCLA site (http://2012.drupalcampla.com/) looks great and loads quick. It has all the necessary information, well thought-out and presented with easy navigation. Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved in creating this site.


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Thanks! It was a big team effort, with great work by landing on the new theme.

The hosting provided by Acquia is working great also.

John Romine


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So Drupal Camp LA is in Orange County? Okay, works for me! Actually we were wondering if anyone knew this area well and knew of any hotels in the near area. Irvine I don't believe is big on hotels, I do believe people would have to go into Newport Beach or south into Capistrano area. Being the summer, and at the beach presents a lot of problems for vacancies. This would have been an easy event to a get a conference rate to, provided there were at least some interest expressed.

Perhaps this has been well thought out I don't know - does anyone else know more details? RT

Hotels for DrupalCamp LA

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There are a lot of hotels near both the Orange County John Wayne Airport, and the University of California, Irvine campus. Check out the full details at http://2012.drupalcampla.com/information/sleep, where we have listed nearby hotels with discounted rates.

The Atrium Hotel is just across the street from the airport, less than 3 miles from UCI, and offers a free shuttle to and from UCI and the airport.

John Romine

Is it Open?

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The Atrium Hotel? Is it open? LOL just had to throw in that drupal joke.



Info request for Drupal Camp LA

Hotels in Irvine

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Irvine is actually quite a business center so there are a lot of hotels there. When I went last year I stayed at a Hilton property which was only 5 minutes away.

Check out http://2012.drupalcampla.com/information/sleep

Paul Chernick
Chernick Consulting
(310) 569-2517

Great Info

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Thanks for the update. You are right. I hadn't been down there in that area for awhile though now I do remember these hotels. I am only an hour drive a way but heck any excuse to turn it into a little mini-vacation;) Roman


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I'll see you all there! I'm from Vegas and go to the meetups here w/ oadaeh, but have yet to go to a Drupal Camp. Can't wait for the awesome looking sessions, especially the ones on node.js for backend dev and backbone.js for front end dev.



It's just 26 days away now

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Are we getting the posters printed? Balloons again? What else? Oh, volunteer solicitations. Finish your scheduling of sessions, vote for them now, before the "freeze" happens, and rooms are assigned based upon votes. Anything else?

Tell your colleagues to come.


LA's Open Source User Group Advocate - Volunteer at DrupalCamp LA and SCALE

Is there going to be a newsletter

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Is there going to be a newsletter sent out to registrants announcing the pre-camp trainings on July 27th?

When I checked our stats this evening, I saw that in the 6 days since the training page went up at http://2012.drupalcampla.com/information/pre-camp-training that we've had 11 visitors to http://www.larks.la/training — and two of those were probably me.

We're happy to help in any way to help get the word out — for the paid trainings from Exaltation of Larks and other trainers as well as the free mentored-style workshop that's yet to be announced. Let us know here or at http://www.larks.la/contact what we can do. Thanks!

Fantastic camp, all! Thanks

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Fantastic camp, all! Thanks for all the hard work; everyone I spoke with really came back with a lot of good information and felt like we strengthened the community. I'm looking forward to the next camp already!

Project Management: http://www.sagetree.net
Coaching Services: http://burtlo.info

What a weekend!!! Thanks everyone!!

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I agree, what a weekend! I want to thank everyone who took the time to put on an incredible event. Thanks to all the DCLA organizers, speakers and volunteers. I am a long time drupal developer and found the information from the sessions very valuable and learned some new tricks and tips, I love this community.

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Not sure of the complete list of people to thank, but the folks at Sage Tree had a great time at DCLA giving talks, listening to talks, hanging out, at the after party, etc. Special props to John Romine, UCI is a great venue! I came home exhausted but full of new ideas for Drupal. Hope to see everyone at the upcoming Design Camp! :-)

“The Engineer That Can Talk”
(858) 442-3414
Groups.Drupal.org – douglaschoffman
Twitter – @douglaschoffman
Skype – DougHoffman

Thanks for sponsoring

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Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sponsoring! See you this Winter at SandCamp!

John Romine

Great talk on BlanktoLive

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Hello Douglas,
I was lucky enough to get to attend your presentation, even though I would loved to hang on the rest of the day. It was quick and informative session. Thanks for spending some time sharing your tricks of the trade after your talk.


Thanks to the organizers.

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Thanks John Romine for all your dedication to the community and everyone else involved.
Looking forward to getting involved more myself in Drupal development.

SF Bay Area

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