Denver Library Birds of a Feather Gathering in Denver on May 14th

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2009-05-14 13:00 - 17:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

There's a growing number of libraries and library-like organizations using Drupal to manage various parts of their systems in Colorado. Having Amy Qualls-McClure come to Denver gives us an incentive to get folks together.


Denver Open Media at 7th and Kalamath in Denver (this is where the monthly Denver Drupal User's Group meetings happen). Google maps can help you figure out bus or light rail options, or parking is available in a lot across the street.

Tentative agenda:

  • Noon to 1: optional lunch meetup at El Noa Noa.
  • 1:00 to 2:00: Welcome, Introductions, Presentation of sites (if they are public)
  • 2:00 until 5:00: TBD (discussions and presentations about Library Modules, Views, CCK, whatever else interests you)
  • 5:00 until whenever - optional evening activities

About discussions/presentations

I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about during this time, but we are likely to have better discussions if people leave comments here detailing:

  1. What you'd like to learn
  2. What you're able and willing to present about

I think some demonstrations of existing sites will also be quite valuable, so be ready to show off your Drupal Library site. Even if it isn't finished there is enormous value for presenter and audience in seeing a partially finished site.



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I'm glad my work furlough is serving as an excuse for people to get together. Thanks for working around my flight schedule!

Organic groups

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I understand Amy is using organic groups extensively in her library. Definitely interested in learning more.


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I am! I do not know everything there is to know about the subject, but I'll be happy to talk about what we did and why.

In return, I'd love to hear someone talk about the basics of module development. I have some questions...

I am so excited for this!

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We are just getting started converting all of our web services to a multi-site Drupal installation. Right now the hard part is converting from another content management system (FarCry) and making sure we are able to reproduce all of the functionality.

We are so there!

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At Rangeview Library District, we are just getting ready to launch a beautiful new site designed in Drupal. We may have something to share from our development site.

Steve Hansen
Stacie Ledden

us, too

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We're in development at Arapahoe Library District, too. Pretty exciting! Look forward to learning more.

Feedback is Valued

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I am sure the different libraries will highly value feedback from the Drupal community. Such feedback and sharing will help their web site development strategies move forward.

Multi-Site Installation

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At DPL we will need to set up a multi-site installation. It would be great to hear about other library experiences.

It's surprisingly easy. I've

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It's surprisingly easy. I've run into a few caveats, but overall it's been pretty painless. :)

Any chance of an online version?

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FWIW, I have GoToMeeting and could accommodate 15 users. You would just need a microphone (voip) or a speakerphone (not as good).

thanks for the offer

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I'm not sure how well this would work, but we can try it out tomorrow. My sense now is that we'll be having more discussions than presentations, which may not be as suitable for web sharing.

Multi-Site and Version Control

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When we upgrade and rollout in D6 we are going multi-site so that would interest us. Organic groups is good also. We are also interested in version control with Subversion and the best way to keep our 3 environments in sync, especially the databases. Also, we are getting ready to launch an image-intense local history site when we go to D6, so any best practices or experiences with that would be great.

Nancy Gassen
Web Developer
Douglas County Libraries

Nancy Gassen
Web Developer
Douglas County Libraries

last call

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Alrighty - for those interested in lunch I'll see you tomorrow at 722 Santa Fe Drive - El Noa Noa.

For everyone else, see you at 13:00 at 700 Kalamath.

Please think of some great answers for these three questions:

  • Your background with Drupal (how long you've used it, what kinds of things you do with it)
  • What you've learned recently that is cool enough you'd be willing to present
  • What you want to learn

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Thank you! :)

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Now that I'm back in Alabama, I wanted to say a quick hello and thank you to everyone who came out to the Drupal4Lib gathering in Denver, Colorado last week. This gathering was just a crazy little idea that Greg hatched when he found out I was going to be in Colorado while I was furloughed, and I was tickled to see it grow into such a large gathering.

Greg, thank you for organizing it. I think you can safely say there's plenty of Drupal interest in the Denver-area library community.

For everyone else, thank you so much for making me feel welcome while I was far away from home, and extra-special caffeinated thanks to everyone who participated in the Kamikaze Coffee Run mid-meeting, too.

I've posted the group photos from the gathering -- be sure to tag yourself:

great time

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I had a great time as well. It was really cool to see everyone.

Greg, thank you for organizing it. I think you can safely say there's plenty of Drupal interest in the Denver-area library community.

You're very welcome. I feel like these meetings could be beneficial on a quarterly or 6-month basis and am hoping that someone else from within the Denver/Librarian community will jump up to help organize future meetings. Any takers?

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Thanks everyone for making the BoF an educational experience for me. I'd love to see this happen on a regular basis, maybe in a Denver-area library ;-) ?

For what it's worth, I did a brief blog entry about the BoF:

Feel free to add anything of interest if you want!


Virginia Franklyn
Web Developer
Pikes Peak Library District

Thank you!

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I enjoyed the gathering. It was fun to see a relatively new Drupal library community come together. The discussion were rather interesting and some of the solutions were very creative. Updating Drupal core and contrib modules using Debian packages is a great example of a creative solution.

Virginia, your blog is great :~)

I enjoyed meeting everyone.

Justin Christoffersen

Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

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