Call for Community Docs Moderator volunteers

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UPDATE July 2012: If you want to be a Community Documentation Moderator, you can get started without reading this whole discussion! The instructions are now at:

--- Here's the original discussion post... ---

In an issue from late in 2011, we made it possible for anyone to upload images and use IMG and TABLE tags in their doc pages and comments on Today, in a follow-up issue, we took away the old Documentation input format, and made all of the book pages that had that input format have Filtered HTML instead, meaning anyone can edit them. Hooray! This also meant that we didn't really need the Docs Admin role that we had formerly granted to 367 people on, mostly so they could edit pages with images, so we got rid of that role.

So... We now want to create a much smaller list of about 20 people who would like to volunteer to be Community Documentation Moderators. These brave souls will take on the job of:

  • Monitoring the Documentation issue queue.
  • Deleting comments when requested on an issue to do so or when inappropriate comments are found (e.g., comments rolled into the text a page, irrelevant, innacurate, etc.).
  • Making edits on the few pages we have on that are locked by being Full HTML input format, when requested on an issue.
  • Locking pages that need to be locked, and unlocking pages that should not be locked, when requested on an issue.
  • Publishing and unpublishing pages, if that should become necessary, when requested on an issue.
  • Creating URL aliases as needed, and redirects when duplicate pages are deleted or aliases are changed
  • Generally doing what you would expect a "moderator" or "maintainer" to do: mediating content disputes, making decisions on major docs changes, moving pages around to make the organization more appropriate, etc. And asking for help from the Docs Team Lead if there is any question about it.

We are looking for about 20 people who are willing to take on this responsibility, who have demonstrated that they will not abuse the elevated permissions they will have on, and who have recently been active Documentation editors.

(See above!)If you'd like to volunteer, please contact me via my comment form, or if you prefer to have it out in public, you can also volunteer by commenting here. (And please... don't be offended if I ask for more details about what you've been doing lately in the Documentation, or if we don't end up adding you to the list right now. We really do need to be careful, and I'm not necessarily familiar with everything that happens in the Community Docs.)

Questions? Ask them here... I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Raises hand

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FTR I'll continue to help, but I don't need any extra perms. ;)

I'd like to help too, but I

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I'd like to help too, but I also don't need any extra perms. :)

You can count me in,

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You can count me in, Jennifer. If you'd like to give me the "docs mod" role, I should have some time to pitch in and help manage things. :-)

About me:
  • Drupal evangelist
  • (Former) regular author of the Cocomore Drupal Blog
  • Systems tester / QA automation, Kairion GmbH / freelance

I would like to help. Not

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I would like to help. Not sure if I need extra permissions or not.

Cameron Eagans

helping out

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I don't think I qualify for documentation moderator since I haven't yet edited d.o documentation. However, if someone is willing to mentor me on best practices in documentation editing for the community, I am ready, willing and able to help out more in 2012. Even just pointing me to a single person to ask some questions offline will help me get move involved on this track.


Joe Bachana
First Employee at DPCI
1560 Broadway
NY, NY 10036

+1 for joebachana post

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I haven't edited anything either, but I'm willing to help as well.

Please consider me as well.

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Please consider me as well. I've been involved with the Omega project documentation effort since the beginning.

"Do or do not, there is no try" -- yoda

I am willing to help in some capacity

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I don't have the docs experience, but have written and edited for the association. Some of you know me.

Jim Caruso
(M) +1.404.788.0188

I'll help too - I'm pretty

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I'll help too - I'm pretty sure I have the right permissions already.

Just wanted to say how

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Just wanted to say how totally awesome it is that so many people are volunteering. Yay - keep it coming! :)

I am very much interested! I

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I am very much interested! I have made a couple of documentation edits recently. And also want to get more involved and spend more time with


Getting involved...

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Thanks to everyone who's volunteering!!

For those who think they may not have enough experience yet, you can feel free to start helping out, without any special permissions! Some ideas:

a) Watch and deal with issues in the Documentation issue queue.
- You can subscribe to issues by going to (your user profile on d.o), and clicking on "Notifications". Enter "Documentation" as the project title, and choose "All issues", and you will get an email message when anyone submits an issue to the Documentation issue queue.
- Or, you can just visit to look at the list.
- Familiarize yourself with the issue guidelines:
-- - read the top, which says what to use issues for (and what not to)
-- - more in depth
- Here are some instructions on how to deal with and fix issues:

b) Start editing Docs pages. Tasks are written up in the New Contributor section:
These tasks include instructions for how to find a page that needs editing, and suggestions for how to edit it.

Anyone else?

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I'm excited that all of the people above who are new to documentation expressed interest -- hopefully my previous comment will help those people get started in contributing to Drupal Documentation. But it's probably not yet time to appoint you as official Docs Moderators, until you've been contributing as a regular Docs Writer for a while.

So what we need is a few more people who have experience writing and editing Documentation pages, and who are familiar with our procedures and policies, to step up and volunteer as Docs Moderators.

Any takers?

Community Docs Moderator volunteer

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Yes I would help too I have always wanted to help by my php is not good enough to write modules


Moderator volunteers - time to start!

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We now have a list of quite a few people who would like to be Community Documentation Moderators. Great! Let's get started!!

Some of you don't appear to have much of a track record (yet) of helping out with Documentation. What I'd like to do is have you start out by helping with tasks you can do without elevated permissions on, and then as you begin to have a track record, we'll give you permissions that will let you take on more responsibilities.

The list of responsibilities is at the top of this page (and I'm going to add it to another page under shortly), but for those who are new to contributing to Documentation and/or don't have elevated privs yet, here's what I'd like you to do:

  • Join the #drupal-docs irc channel. Add it to "auto-join" in your IRC client, and turn on your IRC client regularly.
  • Subscribe to the Documentation issue queue. To do that:
    1. Visit your user profile page on
    2. Click on the "Notifications" tab
    3. Enter "Documentation" in the "enter a project title" box in the "Issue email notification" section, and choose "All issues", so that you will receive an email message whenever there is any activity on a Documentation project issue.
    4. You probably also want to make sure that your default for non-specified projects is "Issues you follow", so that you receive notifications for non-Documentation issues you have chosen to follow (you can always un-follow them later if you lose interest).
    5. Save your settings.

    You might also want to make sure has your correct email address (on the Edit tab of your profile).

  • As issues are reported, respond to them. There are instructions for what we want to have happen at and If you have questions, respond as best you can (including your question), or ping me in the #drupal-docs IRC channel. Ideally, all issues in the Documentation project would be responded to within 24 hours... silverwing and I have been pretty much the only people responding to them regularly for quite a while now, so if the Moderation Team could take on this responsibility, that would be great! I'll delay responding myself for the time being, to give the new team a chance. :)
  • Those of you who don't have experience editing Documentation pages, edit some pages (we probably won't grant elevated editing permissions to people who don't normally edit pages). To get started with that, see
  • If you've done a few edits, try "rolling in comments" on a few page. This task is described at -- and it's really important for the Moderators team, since deleting rolled-in comments is one of the main tasks. For now, if you don't have permission to delete comments, just follow the steps on that page (culminating in filing a documentation issue), and someone else (likely me) will take care of the actual deletion.

That's it for now... as we start to see evidence of contributions, we'll be granting elevated permissions to the new Documentation Moderator team -- thanks!

New page...

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Here's the new page on describing the Moderation Team:

FYI - I just removed myself

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FYI - I just removed myself as the online docs coordinator on since I haven't been terribly involved lately and my attention is elsewhere for now. If anyone wants to step up for that as well, the position is open!

Count me in as a volunteer.

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I have good hands at git and some of git documentation is not up to date. Will work on that :).


Thanks a_thakur!

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I'm sure the git documentation will be better off with some editing, so thanks! The Community Documentation always welcomes the help of volunteers like you who step in and edit documentation.

If you wanted to be a moderation volunteer (which is what this thread is really about), you can read about it and start doing the tasks shown on this page:

Beginner here!

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Hi Jennifer, I am a beginner contributor and have been doing some of the basic tasks in the beginner contributor list for a few hours this year (around 6 hours so far as a guess). I will go through the moderator checklist and see if I can be able to contribute further. I haven't used irc much, and only logged into the channel once and don't know how it can be of use to this work.


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Keep up the good work!

I'm no longer the leader of the Documentation Team, so I won't necessarily be watching to see what you're up to, sorry! See

Still need help?

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I can probably help moderate the documentation. I think I have the skills (and personality) needed.


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I'm sure the Documentation Team can use the help. Instructions are at:

-- Jennifer, former leader of Documentation Team

Running in circles

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Hi, Jennifer

I have read (and I have fulfilled the prerequisite). In the "Joining the Moderation Team" section it says "See to volunteer".

So where should I really go to volunteer?

Oh sorry!

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I've edited the page to take that out. Sorry about that! The page now says to start doing all the stuff there, and once you've been doing it a while, file an issue in Webmasters to be given elevated role privs. Because we don't have a documentation team leader at the moment, that's all we can do.