How? Create a copy of an OpenPublic and OpenPublish packaged theme to customize

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I installed OpenPublic beta8 yesterday.

I want to make a working copy of OpenOmega so not to make changes to the original theme.

How would I do that? Where should it be copied to? Could I also add blocks to Structure -> Blocks or must all blocks be located via Structure -> Context? How to not have the demo info in that OpenOmega copy?

I want to make OpenPublic with OpenOmega easy to update in the future without overriding my theme customizations.

(Note: I need the answers/procedure for copying themes that are packaged with OpenPublish, also for the same reason.)




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I think your best bet is to create a sub-theme. With a sub-theme you can customize to your heart's content and usually be able to safely update the parent theme.

You'll find the documentation on how to do that at

There's a handy video tutorial on creating a D7 Omega theme at

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Thanks dcolburn.

The info you had provided was very helpful.

Themes from distributions e.g. OpenPublic's OpenOmega seems a bit different.

I copied the OpenOmega folder from the Drupal core Profile's theme directory and renamed it. I renamed the .info file to match the new folder's name. There is no theme-settings.php file.

I renamed each of the file names in the css folder by replacing the openomega portion with my new theme folder's name.

In the template.php, when I went to find/replace all 'openomega', the 1st instance showed:

function open_omega_system_themes_page_alter(&$theme_groups)

...which has 'open_omega'  whereas everywhere else it had 'openomega'.

Q: How do I modify the 1st instance to 2 words separated by an underscore?

Q: How come, as described in the video, ALL instances within that openomega template.php file are not identical nor identical to the theme folder name, thereby preventing a '~find/replace all' for the word 'openomega' to my new folder name in that file?


BUG (typo)? OpenOmega Theme hook in template.php

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ref: my previous reply


I believe the template.php file for the OpenOmega theme has a typo in it for the hook, 'system_themes_page_alter'.

'open_omega' probably should be 'openomega'.

I just added an Issue for the theme. Hopefully, it will be corrected in time for the next release version of OpenPublic.