September Drupal Meetup and Drupal Camp Planning

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2009-09-16 17:30 - 20:00 America/Montreal
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User group meeting

We hope you can all make it to the September Drupal Meetup. It'll be at Evolving Web's office 300 Rue du Saint-Sacrement Suite 204 (see for a map).

5:30-6:30 Drupal Camp Planning:
As you might have heard, it's time to plan another Drupal Camp. We'll set aside the first hour of this meetup to discuss the Drupal Camp that is being planned for October. In the meantime, see this page for updates and to get involved:

6:30-8:00 Talks, Demos, etc.
At 6:30, we can get down to Drupal talk. If anyone wants to do a demo or present a website, we'll have a projector set up. For those going to DrupalCon, this would be a good opportunity to share what you've learned. If there's time and interest, Evolving Web can do a demo of the soon-to-be-released Solr JS module that we've been developing.


Count on me

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I will be there, although not at 5:30. I will probably miss all the talk about the Drupal Camp.


— Jacques

Going to miss this, most likely...

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I got a "Surprise! You're going to NYC on Friday!" thing come up from work, so I'm really going to need that 4 hours to finish up some stuff before then. :(

But please drop me a line to let me know what you want me to do/bring/talk about/etc. to help with Drupalcamp! :D

September Drupal Meetup Notes.

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Here are my notes about the September Drupal Meetup.
They are not complete but it is a start :)

We first talked about who went to the DrupalCon Paris and what they attended.

A lot of the DrupalCon sessions were about Drupal7

  • I18n changed a lot does not create a new node for translation
  • nobody stepped up for views.
    If views it not ready when Drupal 7 is released, this means Drupal7 is not ready.


  • Module to package your Drupal widgets/config/setup.
  • Upcomming is a way for the community to hosts their own features on their own sites (as opposed to centralized like modules)

Views2 api and handlers

  • A session talked about how to create handlers for views.
  • Views2 allow you to do more than basic stuff.


  • some reported it was broken and not ready for Drupal6
  • There is a module called "ctools examples" to learn by example.
  • context, spaces as a possible alternatives to panels.


  • GlusterFS (share files betwen more than one web servers)
  • Boosts (module for caching)
  • memcache (module for caching)
  • apc (Speeds up PHP)
  • Firebug (Find out where you need optiomization on client side)
  • ab (find out how much your application/server can handle)
  • Website to help in performance:

Logo ideas for Drupal Camp Mtl

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Just a thought or two. No poutine or bagels here. ;-)

Only local images are allowed.

Only local images are allowed.

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Hey Renaud: Really cool. How

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Hey Renaud:

Really cool. How many colours do you think you could get the second one down to?(I.e. make it screen printable)

Could we start a new thread for Drupal Montreal logos so that everyone can post their graphic ideas in one place?

Miriam Martz

I had missed this...

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... as I first read this post through email which didn't include the attachments so I didn't realised that you had actually proposed some work.

While I find them interesting (especially the second one), my first instinct is that they would need to be re-conceived from scratch in order to make them "screen" printable for the T-shirts.

Anyway, so far you have the first and only alternative proposal... Thanks for your work!


P.S. I agree with Myriam that we should have a separate thread for the logos... /me goes off to create one.

The thread for design proposals is here...