Drupal Design Camp LA 2012 and Downtown Los Angeles Drupal conference call #6 on October 8, 2012

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2012-10-08 17:30 - 18:30 America/Los_Angeles

Several of the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal organizers have scheduled an open conference call on October 8, 2012 between 5:30-6:30pm Pacific (8:30-9:30pm Eastern). Anyone who's interested in being part of our organizing efforts — or is just interested in seeing how we organize our events, including Drupal Design Camp LA and the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetups — is welcome to join us!

For calling in by phone and Skype, we use FreeConferenceCallHD. To receive the conference call information, click the Signup button below. We're using the same call-in information that we've used in the past, so signing up is optional for anyone who has already participated in these conference calls.

The agenda will consist of discussion around our upcoming events, including Drupal Design Camp LA and the Downtown Los Angeles Drupal meetup.

What's Drupal Design Camp LA 2012?

DDCLA 2012 is our Drupal design, theming, accessibility and usability conference in Los Angeles, California. Our second annual DDCLA conference will be at Droplabs in Downtown Los Angeles, California, on October 12, 13 & 14, 2012.



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Date: Tuesday, 10/9/12
Date of Meeting: Monday, 10/8/12, 5:30pm – 6:30pm PST
Place of Meeting: FreeConferenceCallHD
Subject: DDCLA and Sensis Agency site visit
Author: Gladys V. Batan
Attendance: Christefano, Oliver, Nathan, Chhun, Gladys.
Waited for Miguel, Stewart

1.1 The purpose of this meeting was to discuss progress on the the upcoming DDCLA conference on 10/12-10/14/12 at Droplabs
1.2 Also discussed site visit to Sensis Agency, LA for Downtown LA Drupal
2.1 DDCLA – Christefano gave updates
A tee-shirts printed today – on the back slogan in helvetica 'open source the event'
B reusable sandwich signs being made for the street by kyan wu – will be around $400-$500. One will be on Main pointing towards Clover another on Clover pointing toward Main
C we have insurance from Drupal Association for Saturday as long as stay within original budget
D we have a 4th room. It’s the conference room from 6mo ago. Is a shared lounge. So now have a total of four spaces can use
E night parties
2.1.E.1 Friday at droplabs - Big Art Labs will be ground zero host for LA Decom at same time next door. on paper spill over bbq + bonfire
2.1.E.2 Saturday - have reservations at Barbara's at the Brewery. just tell bartender to cap bartap limit – bartender will pass out tickets – Larks will be the drink sponsor
2.2 DDCLA Open Issues
A Oliver needs help with
2.2.A.1 training sign-ups
2.2.A.2 setting up
2.2.A.3 promoting - describing it more
2.2.A.4 mentor / attend
2.3 DDCLA Schedule
2.3.A.1 Friday - Nathan available to volunteer on Friday beforehand
2.3.A.2 Saturday – sessions start at 10am go till 5pm. qu, oliver, jenn to see what is possible when organizing the sprint - priority/preference is sprint over barnraising
2.3.A.3 Sunday – Oliver to get Jen Lampton to present - talk about twigs front end future of Drupal 8.0
2.3.A.3.1 theming on sunday as well as barn raising. UCLA funded by NSA nanotechnology – non-profit candidate

2.4 DDCLA Questions
A Chhun: to increase participation is it possible to have remote access for each session for each room if couple sessions at same time?
2.4.A.1 Christefano: needs someone to lead. Is possible and easier on separate days
2.4.A.2 Need to give presenter 1pg on how to set up remote access on their computer ahead of time to make sure whatever end up using works since not a kiosk computer and separate computers.
2.4.A.3 record / broadcast teacher presentations with webex. Webex because most have pre-installed. need personnel for parallel recordings
2.4.A.4 Larks will upgrade to Webex training and sponsor and recording
2.4.A.5 CONCLUSION: create schedules night before and day of. stagger available sessions every other hour to provide sanity. broadcast those that generate most interest
2.5 DDCLA Conclusions
A another final conference call on wednesday, october 10, 2012 at 5:30pm
B NMSU AIChE will be having an end of semester potluck/white elephant Christmas party on Friday December 5th at 2:30 PM in Jett Hall room 283. Please bring a food item and a white elephant present. For the gifts, preferably, you should not spend any money. Instead try to find something that you do not use anymore. If you do buy something, do not spend more than $20 on the gift.
2.6 Sensis Agency LA Site Visit for Downtown LA Drupal Meet-up – Christefano, Duran, Gladys
A Tour with James Smith.
B Sensis Agency LA Site Visit Monday, 10/8/12, 3-5pm PST, 811 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 2050. Los Angeles, CA 90017. facilities on 19th floor (need pass key)
C is under restaurants Takami and Elevate. Has main conference room with modular tables, small conference room and little room
D Christefano took pictures
E James walked us around the corner to show us the local restaurant fare and we walked into Dublin's Irish Whiskey Pub, West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
F Oliver: Suggested free parking as an incentive to help with the ability to attend

2.7 Open issues
A wifi - James to find out for us.
B parking - Gladys to find two viable alternatives close to Dublin’s Irish Pub
C James to find out about availability for October 16, November 20 and December High Performance meet-ups on 3rd Tuesdays

These notes are an interpretation of discussions held. Please provide any additions or corrections to the originator within 5 days of the date posted; otherwise they will be assumed correct as written.