Drupal SANDcamp 2013 on Friday January 25th and Saturday January 26th @ UCSD Price Center in San Diego

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2013-01-25 08:30 - 2013-01-26 19:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

San Diego Drupal Users Group Ramping Up to Kick off 4th Annual SANDcamp! Jan. 24-26 @UC San Diego, CA

The time has come to start counting down the days for San Diego Drupal Camp 2013! This year's action packed program of events in beautiful, sunny San Diego will give the Drupal community the opportunity to educate and learn about the Drupal content management system.
This year’s camp is full of action packed sessions for CEOs, Developers, CTOs, Themers, and newcomers as well as specific training workshops for beginners and advanced Drupal users.
Session topics to include:

Responsive Web Design
Selling Drupal
Sass, Compass and Aurora
Server Architecture
Phoenix Case Study
Comic-Con Panel
and many more, check out the schedule!

Sprints are also going to be a big part of this year’s camp and will include:

Distributions Sprint: Jan 24, led by Ezra Gildesgame https://sandcamp.org/distribution-sprint
Drupal 7 Port and Occupy Sprint: Jan 25, led by Joel Farris https://www.sandcamp.org/occupy-sprint
TWIG Sprint: Jan 26, led by Steve Oliver and Zakiya Khabir https://sandcamp.org/twig-sprint-at-sandcamp

In addition - a Higher Education session track will also be available for the marketing and website decision makers at higher educational institutions who might be looking for the right content management system to maximize their marketing and revenue goals.
During SANDcamp, attendees will get the chance to listen to keynotes Greg Knaddison, who will discuss ideas pertinent to today's Drupalers regarding how life is on the other side of the fence when using Drupal for a venture capital-funded product company, and Ezra Gildesgame, Acquia's Distribution Guru, who will discuss the future of upcoming endeavors for the newest Drupal 8.
Come for Drupal, stay for the community after-parties!

Friday: Rock Bottom, hosted by KWall Company
Saturday: Porter’s Pub, hosted by Sage Tree Solutions

For more information on SANDcamp and to register for the event, visit https://sandcamp.org.
Special thanks to all of our Sponsors!!!


Session Submissions

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Session Submission will be open from Jan. 2 to Jan 9!

Thanks to all the attendees

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Thanks to all the attendees of our Payday class yesterday! We just sent out the surveys and look forward to hearing how we’re doing. We'll be offering this class again as soon as we get some feedback and update our curriculum (a new version of Commerce was just released yesterday!).

I also want to thank to everyone for putting a great SANDCamp together this year and for making us feel so welcome. I especially want to to Doug and Susan, who literally met us at the door and guided us to the rooms where we were training and presenting.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Stay tuned for news of GLADCamp, our upcoming Greater Los Angeles Area Drupal Camp at USC. News will be coming out soon from http://groups.drupal.org/gladcamp and @GLADCamp on Twitter.

i lilke it

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i lilke it

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