Write the Docs Conference in Portland in April

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There's a conference coming up in Portland called "Write The Docs". I don't know much about it (Lee tweeted it on the @drupaldocs Twitter feed so I thought I'd post here too)...

They have a web site:
and Twitter:

I'm considering going, depending on the cost, logistics, etc., since Portland is not too far away from where I live. How about anyone else?


Strongly considering

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Hi Jennifer:
I am strongly considering. I'm just waiting to gain confidence that it's really going to happen by seeing them settle on a venue, before committing to plane ticket etc. Supposedly the venue will be announced this week. Have you learned anything more about it, other than what's on conf.writethedocs.org?
-- Graham

I think it's happening...

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I think/hope it is actually happening, since I've purchased a plane ticket and a conference ticket, and submitted a talk.

Aside from what's on conf.writethedocs.org and their twitter/email list traffic, I don't have any information.... I just assumed they'd get their act together, but if not I'll be finding some Drupalists to hang out with for a few days instead! :)

"Drupal docs conference in Portland" :-)

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OK, well that gives me even more motivation to go! Also I see they just announced a venue.

Definitely Going

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I've been scouring the internet to find a conference like this, and I'm super-excited that this one turned up! Can't wait! :)

Report and videos from WriteTheDocs

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I wrote up a report about WriteTheDocs on my blog:
and another attendee, Andrew Spittle, made notes of all the sessions:

The conference site now has links up to videos of several talks from the first day, and I imagine/hope the rest will be up sometime soon:

Of the talks I saw on the first day, I'd recommend anyone interested in the new curated Help/Documentation system watch the video of Michael Verdi's talk "How Mozilla supports users all over the world", if that video ever gets posted. There were a lot of excellent ideas in there about editorial and translation workflow and dashboards. In case the video is not yet available, I have a few notes in my blog post (linked above), and here are Andrew Spittle's notes and the talk slides.

WriteTheDocs comment on jhodgdon's post

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Hi Jennifer,
I too enjoyed the WTD conference. I think your blog post summarized well, except for mentioning that the talk on "Motivating Developers to write API Documentation" was very interesting. :-) Especially since I was sitting next to Siobhan McKeown, Wordpress docs lead, at the time.

Agree with all your good points. In addition: all that for an extraordinarily economical price.

On your "not so great" points about the venue -- I thought the funky-old-theater aspect set a warm tone, but agree with your no-hang-space and non-ADA aspects. The stage lighting could have been fixed for a better view of the audience from the stage. The (lack of) lighting upstairs (where I was) prevented note taking only for the first talk, and then was adjusted to be quite acceptable, IMO.

Thanks so much for alerting us to this conference!


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Thanks for your work! I am really pleased to have this follow-up information, and I am really looking forward to going through it. Best to all.


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