Drupal 4 Good session at DrupalCon Portland?

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Hello all,

Is anyone submitting a Drupal 4 Good session proposal for DrupalCon Portland?

If so, shall we join forces and aim for a stronger session?

I'm the project lead for VoIP Drupal [1], an open source framework that enables the construction of Drupal systems integrating regular touchtone phones, the Web, SMS, and other channels in a variety of ways, facilitating community outreach and providing an online presence even to those who are technically challenged, or who do not have regular access to computers.

Over the past couple of years, VoIP Drupal has been used in a variety of social good projects, including:

  • My Dot Tour, a system that helps people organize participatory neighborhood tours using web, SM and even touch tonephones (http://mydottour.org/).

  • What’s Up, a local information system that enables access to web content via offline channels such as low-cost digital signs, customized flyers and posters, and an auto-generated community hotline (http://civic.mit.edu/whats-up).

  • VoJo, a mobile blogging platform that makes it easy for grassroots groups to post content via voice calls, SMS, or MMS (http://vojo.co/).

  • New Day New Standard, an initiative that promotes the rights of nannies, housekeepers, and elderly caregivers (http://www.rev-it.org/projects/newday.htm)

  • OnTrack, a new World Bank project that aims at increasing local engagement with participatory governance initiatives from all over the world.

It would be really cool to have a panel session where, among other things, participants could share their social good experiences and discuss ways in which Drupal might have to be extended in order to reach traditionally disempowered populations.

Any thoughts?


[1] https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bzxe13y9sQKZZjRaM045VWNrRlE/edit?usp=sha...


I'm expecting to be there

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Though I haven't registered yet.

I haven't been to a DrupalCon since London, but there were some good BoF discussions in the past.

I think the best conversation we had was documented here:

It's a great idea and look forward to meeting up with you and others there.