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Ok i think i have local dialed in. "The most accurate and up-to-date" Would love to here the negatives.

we have about 2000 businesses in Pendleton, Oregon, USA

Using lat/lon for address (plus regular address.) reading is 4' in front of door plus have a 2nd door lat/lon field and quick lat/lon map. (great for chow carts.) using blackberry satellite app not using cell tower lat/lon do not have a computer phone, still seeing if the 2 jive.

paying people $1.00 per update/database correction. This one thing changes everything.

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Proposal: Improve consensus building in Drupal community

To me, what makes Drupal community strong is that they rely on community consensus for making a lot of decisions. I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Illinois. For the past two years I've been studying how the discussions unfold in Drupal's issue queue and how decisions are made. I am impressed with the way that the community members collaborate to build a better Drupal, but my studies have shown that half of the discussions do not reach consensus. The goal of my research project is to bring a stronger form of consensus building to the discussions in Drupal.

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Drupal Top 25+ Modules

English / Castellano

Overview of Drupal's Top 25+ Modules
Author: Nick Vidal

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Community and Drupal forum site examples? General recomendations

Hi everyone,

Have a task to build a community site. To put simply: 50% of features will be forum, community faq with voting, the other 50% will include e-zine, maybe some kind o a shop, link directory, user rating and etc, not much social networking stuff.
I am leaning to Commons installation, but it is not exactly what I want to start with.

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How to prevent user/pass email being seen as junk

This is about that first email that is sent out by Drupal sites to newly registered Drupal users, welcoming them and telling them what their initial user name and password are.

We've found that:
1) these emails often end up in people's junk/SPAM folder (depending on the email client and SPAM filters used)
2) people don't check their junk/SPAM folder enough, so many never return to our site

Apart from more clearly stating on the registration form that newly registered users should check their junk folders, we've been wondering what can be done to reduce chances of this happening?

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Writers workshop??? Share stories and feedback

Hi all,

I'm trying to build a writers community where would-be fiction writers can submit short stories, novellas, screenplays and solicit feedback from other users.

Ideally, we could have some kind of checkbox ratings (pass, consider, recommend on story, characters, writing, etc.) as well as a free-form text field for feedback.

I'd love to have it so members get to post one work up front, and then have to give feedback to three other writers for every other work they put up for workshopping.

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New Community-Powered Drupal Module Review Site

Drupal Modules is a community-powered Drupal module review system I've been working on for about a year now. I'm happy to announce the site is finally open to the public!

Here's a brief list of what you can do on the site:

  • Rate and review any module
  • Compare modules to see which has the best features, documentation, etc
  • Check how many downloads a module is getting
  • Easily search modules and reviews for keywords
  • Get automatic recommendations for similar modules
  • And more!
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Sites, comments and forums -- anybody ever give any thought to...

Something I really like about the site, and something I don't see really being managable outside of it, yet, except if core is used exclusively for the most part, is the fact that ALL the nodes posted (outside the issue cue) are all forum posts.

I've noticed on a couple of other sites that I visit that, for example, consist of blog posts with a separate forum section, most of the dialog and discussion that develops with visitors goes straight into the comments section of the node and the forums collect weeds, comment spam and dust. "Community" development is limited to comment threads and the consistency of content posted to the front page nodes, and conversation outside the comments? Non-existent.

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