Whats up with the documentation and community support

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I have been trying to get an openpublish site up and running literally for years. Its confusing, and powerful. When I go to the website and click community, its not actually community, its a directory of documentation thats hard to navigate, missing images, and incomplete to say the least.

I have to admit, I haven't spent too much time in this group, but I just really wonder how you can build such a powerful application, and one thats well used... with such minimal support? I love how drupal commons and openatrium handle community support. Aren't you all the same folks as drupal commons? Their support community is awesome. Is there a commons for community support for OP?

I really want to use open publish, but the lack of support, and the low quality documentation seems surprising and disappointing.


The support and engagement

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The support and engagement with OP3 has been sad.

When OP 2 was being developed and tweaked, there was constant chatter back and forth between users and creators.

The development has been very, very slow with maybe 3 or 4 updates in two years. The last beta release was in October.

I 'm not sure why this is. Maybe it has something to do with Omega 4.

OP is a platform to make money. The easier it is for people to set up, the less need there is for Phase2 to implement it.