Merge both Bakersfield groups?

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Congrats on the new group! I suggest merging this new group with the existing Antelope Valley / Bakersfield group. That group is fairly inactive but already has a couple members in it:

What do you think?

FWIW, I couldn't find anything about this new Bakersfield group in the issue queue:


Hey christefano - thank you

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Hey christefano - thank you for the invite to merge the groups - we have decided against that and are going to proceed with 'plan a' for now. We have some momentum started here and I will create the issue for the group certification as soon as we reach 15 local members and have a firm commitment on the venue for the first year, which I do not think will be a problem.

Thank you for your support going forward and I hope to see you at our meetups if you ever get up this way.



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