Looking for co-maintainers

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hi everyone!
im looking to build a team around a responsive theme ive been maintaining called professional theme

if anyone is interested i would love to hear some ideas, feedback, and see if we cant make this theme better then before!



Looking for co-maintainers

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How can I help?

Looking for co-maintainers

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some things im looking for as far as support / co-maintainer:

low level work:
feedback, issue queue support, patches.

high level work:
developing a roadmap and meeting the goals. finding new ways to progress the theme.

add an issue to the issue queue and we can discuss it there :)

thank you!

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I would like to help

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Hi, I am front-end developer, I would like to learn to keep a Drupal theme. I am newbie but I know other responsive themes of community.

id love the help!

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any time, help, feedback, insight you can provide would be helpful!

please add to this issue in the queue https://drupal.org/node/2017239

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