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Looking for co-maintainers

hi everyone!
im looking to build a team around a responsive theme ive been maintaining called professional theme

if anyone is interested i would love to hear some ideas, feedback, and see if we cant make this theme better then before!

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'Design modules' and making the design proces a more pleasant one with a lower learning curve where needed. My journey in getting to understand design in Drupal.

Currently I am experimenting with something I dubbed 'Design modules', and I would like to contribute this idea back to the community and bounce off some ideas. Please feel free to give constructive feedback on this, and whether I am heading in the right direction. This is not to be considered a definitive write up by any means, but just one designer's journey in getting to learn how to design in Drupal, and where needed improve this process.

Short background and case study

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How can Drupal get great new contrib themes?

The community wants great new themes for Drupal. How do we get designers and themers to create them? Someone discussed a contest but may designers are oppsed to that.

A suggestion: Call for volunteers to participate in a team effort where they will be grouped with others (perhaps 2 designers paired with 2 themers/UI specialists) and have them come up with a team name which will also be the name of their theme.

Give them a deadline and some publicity on d.o. with their bios and photos or portfolio links.

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