1M Drupal installs and counting! (11110100001001000000)

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Within 1 year (Q1/Q2 2014?) we will have 1 million registered Drupal installs. We all know the total is higher due to mostly Drupal SaaServices that don't have the pingback enabled and we should always explain that.

However, 1.000.000 is still a freaking big number (11110100001001000000 in base 2 even bigger :-) and we should use this for marketing our product. Apart from the usual opensource suspect(s) there are not that many web based solutions that come even close to one tenth. Big proprietary CMS vendors do very well if they sell 1.000 licenses per year.

All the reason to celebrate, for example by making

  1. an easy to embed history infographic,
  2. an interactive timeline like trends or zeitgeist, plotting the number of installs against events in time and or place from the community
  3. press releases (they never seem to work though :-( )
  4. give the one millionth Drupal user something, for example a Drupal 1.0 install on a 5 ¼" floppy disk signed by Dries

For sourcing, we can use the influence, people and money of the DA (if they would be in on this), ask companies to work on this pro bono, preferably together and have a fund raiser; "One tenth for one"; 1/10 of a monetary unit of your country per Drupal install you maintain. A dime per install per American, 10 eurocents per Drupal for EU’s, 1/10th of a Rand in South Africa etc. This shows that we are truly global and if people do not donate 10 cents but 10 dollars per install for example (we should hint to that, especially to the cheap Dutch :-) we could raise a bit as well, more than 1/10th of a million if played well.

What are your thoughts, how should we proceed?


Great ideas

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The donation idea 1/10 is really great and can be easily implemented!
A paying schema for giving some donation money to those developing the most popular modules would also be encouraging and supportive on their efforts in my opinion.
The product would remain open source/free as well as the modules, but the people working on it/developing it would have another important incentive.

Hello, First of all a great

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First of all a great news! :)
I personally think that donations should be wide covered on drupal.org. Currently we doesn't have this case.
My idea is, different developers to be able easily to add a donation buttons to their projects and by this to contribute better to Drupal. The idea is for example each "full" project to have a donation button that allows users to donate 2,5,10,15$. 1$ to go for Drupal.org the rest to the module maintainer. With this approach I believe that all developers that want to contribute to Drupal will be stimulated to work harder for nice and stable modules.
Also I'm thinking of а Auction-like Drupal system for modules where business guys can request a module for development and different freelancers/companies to bit for it. This will help Drupal to become more popular for non technical and non enterprise users.
What do you think about that?