OpenPublish new install errors and unable to publish a blog post??

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Openpublish looks great to start with, then I tried to sinatll it and publish a blog post as a starting point...

I got this error on install

then when I tried to run the required security updates I got this, which does not get fixed when I run updates

But now for the main issue, I click create content > blog post, and fill in all the fields but OpenPublish insists I select a "Blog" to assign my blog post to... but there are no blogs listed in the drop down, and it is not clear how to create one!?

Can anyone help with this simple newbie question, just to get me up and running?


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TO create a blog go here and

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TO create a blog go here and create one:

Then reload:

I can't help you with the other issues -- above my paygrade.

I'm running Open Publish with the Nodemaker theme
And I'm probably breaking all kinds of rules:

Thanks Tran, That worked for

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Thanks Tran,
That worked for the blog - obviously really, when you know how :)

same problem on installation.

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Line 596 on same problem. Would like to know the fix.

James Carvin
Thank you for your help!