Google+ Authorship of a UG GDO page

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I would like to know how one can gain Google+ ownership of a user group page on GDO.

As one of the organizers of Inland Empire Drupal,, I am unsure how this has occurred without consent. A Google search for "Inland Empire Drupal" shows ownership for an individual who is not even listed as Group organizer. As it is my understanding, there are two options for claiming ownership of a page. One is having an email address on the domain in question and other is placing a related "rel=author" tag in the content. A scan of source code reveals no "rel=" tag so I am clueless. Unless I am wrong, I don't believe this occurs accidentally through a Google crawler.

I have attached a screenshot for historical purposes.

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christefano popped into the

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christefano popped into the #drupal-groups IRC channel and asked me to pass on the message that, " that my rel=author tag is on my individual Drupal Groups profile and not in any group in particular".

A screenshot of the conversation. seems to indicate that it's possible for Google to read authorship information out of pages that lack a 'rel="author"' element. Looking at the Inland Empire group homepage, it looks like is presented on the homepage and includes the text, "by Christefano Reyes" which is consistent with the criteria that Google lists as necessary for detecting authorship information.

Indeed, when appears in a Google search result, it includes similar Google+ Authorship information attributed to Christefano Reyes.

Thanks for following up

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Thanks for the follow-up. That suffices for an answer and didn't realize Christefano was on vacation. I'll update that particular listing and let Google index takes its course. It is go to know about the "by ..." line. Unfortunately, this potentially could have inadvertently affect other groups due to cross posting and such if a "by ..." is used. This entirely minor but perhaps in future, rel=author should be stripped out of content since its the only way to link a Google+ to a domain outside of having email on that domain.