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Google+ Authorship of a UG GDO page

I would like to know how one can gain Google+ ownership of a user group page on GDO.

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Nueva comunidad de Drupal en Español en Google+

Nueva comunidad pública de drupal en español en google+, podéis acceder a ella a través del siguiente enlace:

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Best Free Themes For Authors


I'm looking for advice on the best way to set up my author site using drupal. My domains are from and my hosting is through Anyone know of the themes or modules for this type of site to support blogging, articles, ect.? Please respond here (if I can even find where someone responded to me lol) or email

Thanks a million!

Todd B.

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Features in Google+

What are the benefits and features of Google+ in comparison to other social websites

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The easiest way to share some things with college buddies, others with your parents, and almost nothing with your boss.

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Security Scared

Received invite today. I'm a long-term gmail user but got scared while building my google+ "circles". This is a great user interface but I'm just not comfortable sharing my relationships with Google's core.

Since federal agencies can access these records without a warrant or notification, why should I make it easier for them? (Even though I am a law abiding citizen.)

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Google+ Profiles?

Hi @ll,
ist die DUB schon in Google+ drin? Ich fände ja einen "öffentlichen" Kreis toll, dem man dann einfach beitreten könnte. ;)

Grüße Rouven

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