DrupalSouth Wellington 2014 - Call for Session Submissions!

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We're pleased to announce that DrupalSouth has put out the call for session submissions for the Asia Pacific's biggest Drupal conference being held from Feb 14-16, 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Full details are now available at http://drupalsouth2014.drupal.org.nz/news/call-for-sessions

Session submissions are open to anyone with Drupal ideas, techniques and experiences to share around the topics of Coding & Development, Front End (UX, Design & Theming), Site Building and Business & Strategy. Full details about each track are at http://drupalsouth2014.drupal.org.nz/speakers/conference-tracks

Please get your proposals in by midnight (UTC) on Friday November 1, and the Track Chair team will be announcing their selections shortly after that!


Date correct

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Thanks Owen,
Is it Feb 14-16 (which is what the site says) or 16-18 (which is what you wrote)?

Its Feb 14-16!

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As the site says, its 14th to 16th of February.

I corrected Owen's post.

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I corrected Owen's post.

Submit a session and spread the word!

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Not only do we want you to submit sessions (and please don't leave it to the last minute) but please encourage other people to do so too - and seek outside the usual echo Drupal echo chamber! Colleagues? Customers? Web professionals outside Drupal with something to share? Perhaps Javascript or Jquery specialists for Front End? Perhaps an information architect or content strategist for site building? Perhaps a Symfonist for Coding and Dev? What about a Scrum Master for business and strategy?

Think outside the drop ;)

And help out people beyond the community by letting them know they need to signup on the site and THEN submit a session :) It's not always obvious from the outside ;-)

submit session

Please please please help us spread the word by liking, tweeting, following, plussing, etc...
Get sticky with us in the social web to share our stories!


Donna Benjamin
Board Member Drupal Association
Executive Director cc.com.au

Time length of session

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How long should a session be? I'm guessing 45 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A?

Hi Scott, The sessions will

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Hi Scott,

The sessions will be 45mins in total, so assume ~35mins for the content and 10 mins for questions.




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